Hotchkiss Organic CDB Spagyric Extracted Pesticide Free Hemp Products Launched

Kate Povondra and DJ Petz, the founders of Happy Buddha Hemp, have launched their range of organic CDB products that are created using their spagyric extraction method.

Happy Buddha Hemp’s founders, Kate Povondra and DJ Petz have announced the launch of their new spagyric CBD products from their farms in Colorado.

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Based in Hotchkiss, Colorado Happy Buddha Hemp’s products are created using a unique spagyric method personally chosen by the founders.

Happy Buddha Hemp was founded in 2016 by Kate Povondra and DJ Petz, whose combined knowledge and vision became the company’s foundations.

DJ Petz has over ten years of organic hemp-growing experience. He developed his farming methods while working on farms in Paonia, Colorado, which have been using pesticide-free farming techniques for over 50 years.

Kate Povondra started her career as a massage therapist. Her focus was on healing and wellness through nutrition, and she learned about CDB through DJ. After using the products in her massage sessions with clients, she was able to see its benefits and potential.

Kate and DJ wanted to create organically grown hemp that was high quality and cost-effective for its users and started Happy Buddha Hemp with that vision.

Growing the hemp in the Napa Valley area of Paonia allowed them to use the land that has been pesticide-free for over 50 years, giving them organic and quality hemp to use for their products.

For extraction, the couple decided to use the spagyric method for their CDB products to create extracts that retain as much of the original plant as possible.

The spagyric method was developed in the 1500s by herbalists and alchemists wanting to compress a full-plant profile into their extracts to maximize their effectiveness.

Kate and DJ revitalized the method with the help of a leading bio-chemist, allowing them to create highly effective spagyric CBD products from their organically farmed hemp.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the website mentioned above.

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