Hotchkiss CO CBD Hemp Organic Pure Grown Oils Tinctures Gift Bundles Launched

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Happy Buddha Hemp of Hotchkiss, CO has launched a series of spagyric extracted, pure, organic CBD gift bundles available for online ordering for the holiday season.

Happy Buddha Hemp, based in Hotchkiss, CO, has launched its holiday line of CBD and hemp products, which includes value gift boxes and holiday gift bundles.

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Happy Buddha Hemp has assembled its customers’ favorites into convenient gift bundles for this holiday season. The CBD holiday gift box includes Buddha balm, lavender creme, mint tincture, and a 4-ounce bottle of oil of either lemongrass, orange blossom, eucalyptus, or unscented jojoba. The CBD gift bundle includes coconut salve, lavender creme, Buddha balm, and a 1-ounce bottle of oil of the above-mentioned scents.

The gift options were created due to increasing trends towards using all-natural and organic CBD for its health benefits, which include relief from anxiety, stress, chronic pain, and insomnia.

The Buddha Balm salve, one of the company’s best sellers, comes in a mentholated stick form and is so strong that 2 applications is all that is ever needed. The product is similar to tiger balm, but with a high CBD dosage.

All products sold on Happy Buddha Hemp’s website come with a lab report certifying potency and purity.

Happy Buddha Hemp was founded by a husband and wife team in 2016. Their goal is to formulate products that keep true to their values as individuals and that give people access to pure, clean CBD products.

HBH farms certifies all of its farmers in its growing technique, which includes pesticide-free soil, Colorado single-sourced hemp, natural flower enhancers, foliar feeding, and mold control. Happy Buddha Hemp uses spagyric CBD extract, which means that the final product contains the full spectrum of CBD benefits.

Says a spokesperson for the company, “The best CBD products are ones that will maximize the entourage effect by providing as many of the beneficial compounds from the hemp plant as possible. This is the entire reason that we decided on spagyric methods for our extraction, refinement and production methods, because, after over 20 years of experience, it’s without a doubt the best way to maximize the compound combination in our final products and we’ve got the lab results to prove it.”

Happy Buddha Hemp’s full line of products include tinctures, body oils, face and body cremes, salves, gummies, and pet treats and are available for online ordering.

Interested parties may visit the above-mentioned website or call (970) 725-6888.

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