Hot Shot Stun Gun Wholesale Self Defense Electroshock Protection Device Launched

Leading Jacksonville-based self-defense equipment manufacturer Safety Technology has just launched their new Hot Shot Stun Gun for personal protection and non-lethal incapacitation of attackers.

Jacksonville Florida-based manufacturer of self-defense products Safety Technology has launched their new Hot Shot Stun Gun for non-lethal personal protection purposes. The country’s leading wholesaler of security equipment has added the new product to their expansive line, ready to be drop shipped to suppliers of approved safety and protection gear around the world.

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The launch of Safety Technology’s new Hot Shot Stun Gun comes as the need for both male and female civilians to defend themselves from violent assailants continues to be pressing. In line with their core belief that every individual has the right to self-defense, the company has delivered on their intent to provide for those in need of personal protection.

The Hot Shot Stun Gun is launched to accompany their range of self-defense and surveillance items that already includes pepper sprays, alarms, steel batons, safety lights and security cameras. Safety Technology hopes that the new Hot Shot Stun Gun will offer users the peace of mind that comes with personal safety and added security in potentially dangerous situations.

The product features considerable stopping power in the form of 90 million volts and 4.8 milliamps, in line with the strongest stun guns on the market. The highly powerful Hot Shot Stun Gun can deliver a quick jolt capable of instantly incapacitating assailants, deferring further attack, and providing users with the time they need to make a fast escape. The product is four inches long, enabling it to be carried in the pocket or worn on the hip with the provided nylon holster.

Additional features include a 100 Lumens LED flashlight, rubberized coating for easier grip, battery meter and illuminated red light indicating readiness for use. The device is also fully rechargeable with the included USB cable, and is carried in a protective case.

Safety’s Technology’s newly launched Hot Shot Stun Gun delivers personal security and a non-lethal threat for men and women in need of self-defense and protection against attacks. Interested suppliers are invited to visit the company website to place orders for the new product and others.

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