Hot & Cold Tea Tumbler Flavor Dispenser Effiliv Container Launched

A new hot or cold glass tea tumbler has been launched on Amazon. The Effiliv tea container is made with eco friendly materials and is designed with functionality in mind, allowing it to be used for fruit or mint water.

Effiliv has announced the launch of its hot or cold glass tea tumbler bottle on Amazon. The company says that with tea time approaching, there’s never a better time for buying a tea tumbler that can be used on the go in any weather.

More information can be found on the glass tea tumbler Amazon page listing at:

The listing page explains that the Effiliv hot or cold glass tea tumbler works as a glass water bottle that can contain 550ml of liquid, with an insulated sleeve available in a range of colors, which helps to keep the tea warm for long periods of time.

As well as tea, the device can be used for flavored water, as users can fill the dispenser with mint leaves or add fruit to the glass tea tumbler bottle, and enjoy a refreshing drink that will intensify in flavor throughout the day.

The tea tumbler is designed with ergonomic functionality in mind, offering stable grip, and an easy to use device that is good for the environment and works equally well with both hot and cold liquids.

The site explains that the high quality borosilicate glass can withstand temperatures so high that users will need to make use of the nylon sleeve to protect their hands. In addition to this, the stainless steel cap and silicone seals are ultra-safe food grade, offering customers a high quality hot or cold tea container that works to the highest specification.

On the Amazon site, interested parties can browse through a range of different colors for the product’s protective nylon sleeve, including navy blue, pink, gray and green. Because the glass is fully eco friendly, customers don’t need to worry about any chemicals leeching into their tea.

The product also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so users can try out the hot or cold tea tumbler to test how it feels and customers can buy the borosilicate glass tea mug with a flavor dispenser cup at a special discount for the month of August.

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