Hot Cold Eye Pillow Lavender Face Mask Stress Relief Product Launched

Online health and lifestyle store Brandlet announced that the Karmick Hot Cold Eye Mask, its highly-acclaimed eye pillow, is now available through Amazon. The mask contains lavender and flax seeds for improved aromatherapy properties, being ideal for stress relief, relaxation and better sleep.

Brandlet, an online store offering a variety of health and lifestyle accessories, announced that their successful Karmick Hot Cold Eye Mask is now available through Amazon. The eye mask can be used hot and cold, containing lavender and flax seeds for stress relief, relaxation and improved sleep.

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Using an eye mask is an ideal way to relax, reduce stress and sleep better, many users also reporting additional benefits such as improved concentration, reduced migraines and better breathing.

The Karmick Hot Cold Eye Mask was developed to provide users with a versatile therapeutic and relaxation product that can be used for a wide range of purposes, from relaxation to treating puffy eyes and dark circles.

The mask can be frozen or microwaved for the desired effect. Brandlet recommends freezing it for a couple of hours for sore muscles and headaches, the cold mask being an effective way to relax.

If used hot, the mask helps with sinus pain and dry eyes while also promoting easier and healthier sleep.

The mask can also be used for aromatherapy. Each Karmick Hot Cold Eye Mask is filled with flax seeds and lavender to alleviate stress, headaches, sinus pain and induce a feeling of calm, peace and relaxation.

The product can also be applied on the neck and back for muscle pain relief. A satisfied client said: “I was pleasantly surprised with this product. I use it for sore muscles and arthritis pain. I put it on my shoulders and neck for soothing relief of stress and tension. The aroma is wonderful and I like the way it conforms to your body shape. It works great as a hot pack for sinus pressure as well. Good all around product at a decent price.”

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