Hospitality Building Automation Restaurant Lighting Control Solutions Launched

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New Mexico based building automation and control company Integrated Systems Tech Services launched a full range of building automation solutions for clients in the hospitality industry.

Integrated Systems Tech Services, an automation and controls solutions company based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, launched an updated range of building automation and lighting control services for restaurants, hotels and other clients in the hospitality industry. The company provides custom automation projects designed to meet the needs of each client, allowing them to create an engaging experience for both customers and employees.

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Building automation can dramatically improve any hotel or restaurant. From lights that turn on automatically when they detect a guest to cutting-edge access control that eliminates the risk of unauthorized access, building automation offers a series of important benefits for any company.

Integrated Systems Tech Services specializes in the development of modern building automation solutions for commercial clients in New Mexico and nationwide.

The company offers integrated building automation systems that combine lighting, climate control, access control, smart energy management and audio-visual into a unique automated solution.

With cutting-edge lighting control, the company allows restaurants and businesses to create custom lighting schedules adapted to their specific needs, thus both increasing energy efficiency and creating a safe and pleasant environment for customers and employees.

Access control solutions are also available, including everything from access control keypads to video doorbells.

Companies can also opt for intelligent energy management and control, a system which identifies appliances which are not in use and powers them off.

The company offers complete assistance at every step of the project, from initial design to implementation, installation and maintenance.

A spokesperson for the agency said: “At Integrated Systems Tech Services we focus on the entire life-cycle of any commercial controls project. From the design and management, through the startups and training, along to the servicing and maintenance of those systems. We can assist with any scope of work with dedicated techs to deliver consistent service.”

With the latest update, the company continues to expand its state-of-the-art building automation and control solutions for clients throughout the United States.

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