Hospital Organizational Specialist Proven to Increase Hospital Productivity

Hospitals, clinics, and medical facility managers can benefit from a newly launched consultancy service to increase productivity while reducing costs through staffing and management reviews.

Hospitals, clinics, and medical facility managers can benefit from a newly launched consultancy service designed to increase hospital productivity while decreasing costs. Brady & Associates has over 35 years of experience of supporting and implementing management initiatives that maximize organizational efficiency.

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The newly launched consultancy services and hospital productivity measures are designed to track workforce productivity, provide staffing reviews and analysis of staffing practices in departments, as well as identifying cost reduction opportunities.

In-person or remote options including videoconferencing for the services are available to maintain social distancing and reduce travel-related fees. The team behind the solutions explain a productivity improvement of only five percent in just four departments such as ICU, ED, Laboratory, and a medical or surgical nursing unit can produce cost savings in excess of $647,000 in a typical mid-size community hospital.

Brady & Associates understands many hospitals and medical facilities are looking to reduce their costs while improving their operational efficiency. Telemedicine and remote diagnostic options are becoming increasingly popular options for medical practitioners as it can enable them to track their patients without having to see them face-to-face.

Departments facing challenges may benefit from the staffing review service, which can be completed department by department or across the entire organization. The IMPACT Quick Check solution is cost-effective and provides same-day benchmarking results for one or more departments.

The results from this service can aid managers that need to adjust staffing standards because of; utilization changes, options for new departments and services, or another manager’s request for additional staffing. The team work fast and provide quick turnaround times, with reports typically issued the next business day.

A spokesperson said: “At Brady & Associates we understand today’s hospitals must be able to effectively plan, direct, organize, and control resources. It must be able to react quickly when changes occur, which it will not be able to do if the hospital’s structure is inadequate.”

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