Hospital Consultant, Brady & Associates, Has An 'Impact' On Health

Brady & Associates, renown Hospital Organizational Specialists, employ benchmarking data, systems thinking, and change management techniques to facilitate 360° performance improvement in the clinical setting.

Brady & Associates have introduced a range of solutions for hospitals that promise to increase performance and promote efficiency. ‘IMPACT Organizational Solutions’ bring together 30 years’ experience, allowing hospitals to perform a hospital-wide or department-level staffing review, producing tangible results.

At a time when hospital budgets are under constant strain, the program is a welcome addition. Enabling hospital managers and executives to maintain performance during what is deemed “the new normal”, the IMPACT services provide results from which concrete actions can be implemented, and are set to become the most powerful, cost-effective, and easy-to-use hospital decision support benchmarking tool available.


This in-depth program provides hospitals with significant opportunities to increase net revenue and reduce expenses, essential at a time when current and projected revenue and expense trends have created the ‘perfect storm’. This thorough review and assessment enables hospitals to act to reorganize business lines, realign reporting relationships, or rethink corporate structures.

Brady & Associates, hospital organizational structure specialists, have worked hard to ensure their IMPACT Plus program stands apart from the competition, avoiding the most common mistakes made by other vendors. The logic-based solution enables cost management results to be a tangible reality for hospitals, and as a result has already secured the all-important department manager buy-in. The IMPACT Plus process includes a benchmark-based staffing review, essential to the daily planning, direction, organization and control of resources.


For departmental reviews, where time or budget constraints prohibit a hospital-wide staffing review, the IMPACT Focus report is ideal. Providing convenient, same-day benchmarking results for one or two departments, this process uses the same powerful IMPACT Plus labor productivity and workload-based staffing benchmarks that have been used in hospitals for decades.

IMPACT Focus is expected to be widely used by hospitals looking to adjust staffing standards because of utilization changes, react to a department manager’s request for additional staffing, or develop the labor budget for a new department or service.

“Unlike many benchmarking services designed by database programmers, our services are created around knowledge gained from decades of research into the factors that limit human productivity in the clinical setting” says Frank Brady, President of Brady & Associates.

“IMPACT will enable hospitals to actually DO something concrete in the clinical setting” he added.

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