Horse Health Article Reveals Surprising Facts for Horse Owners, Trainers, Riders, Caregivers, and Horseman

Karen Leung's latest article takes on misconceptions about Horse Health and sets the record straight with several useful facts for horse owners, horse trainers, horse riders, horse caregivers, horseman, equine health.

As part of their ongoing efforts to provide the best information on Horse Health, Karen Leung has published a new article entitled “Caution Not to Poison Your Horse via Food Feed” which sheds light on the most important aspects of Horse Health for horse owners, trainers, riders, caregivers, and horseman who care about their equine health. Interested individuals can view the full article at…

One of the most surprising pieces of information in the article is the fact that many horse owners, trainers, and horse caregivers are struggle with understanding why horses are dying due to simply feeding them with brand name horse food. Their horses are dying due to horse food poisoning. The main reason was that brand name horse food was contaminated. Blue ribbon horses were dying one after another since last October. The horses’ death was due to ingestion of contaminated horse feed and these horses were poisoned. There is no antidote for this kind of horse food poisoning..

In discussing the article’s creation, Karen Leung, marketing professional of Alpha Omega Clique LLC said,

This article was written to educate horse owners and trainers about horse feed contamination which can cause their horses’ lives.

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