Hope Therapy and Wellness Participates In NBC4 2019 Health and Fitness Expo

HOPE Therapy helps people #FindYourJoy at the NBC Health and Fitness Expo

Springfield, VA (January 7, 2019) – While the stigma around mental health is starting to lift, the team behind HOPE Therapy and Wellness believes there’s more to do. It’s not just about saving the lives of the seriously distressed, as important as that work is – it’s also about reinventing the conversation about mental health, that it’s about maintenance, self-care, and finding one’s joy.

Since its inception, HOPE has not only focused on care and compassion, it has also sought to shift society’s perception of mental health, working to empower its patients by promoting awareness and action in the field of emotional care. On January 12 and 13, HOPE will be an exhibitor at the NBC4 Health and Wellness Expo in Washington, DC, where they will be inviting guests to participate in activities that aim to reduce stress and encourage fun.

Visitors to the booth can paint stones with images or messages that inspire hope; there’s also a photo booth where they can capture valuable memories and smiles. HOPE is giving away two prizes – a free vacation to the Lansdowne Resort and Spa, or a health and wellness basket, both of which come with three free therapy sessions.

“Our mantra has always been that everyone deserves HOPE,” says CEO Paula Welsh, who has spent her career destigmatizing mental illness and substance abuse disorders. “As lifelong DC metro residents, we love and support this community and want to ensure that everyone knows they can access mental health care regardless of income or circumstance.

“We’re eager to be a part of this expo because mental health is health – to practice emotional care is as necessary as physical exercise.”

Unlike the majority of DC-area therapy centers, HOPE Therapy and Wellness takes insurance. This was a non-negotiable for Welsh and her team, who advocate for access for all members of the community, but especially for those whose financial challenges keep them from seeking the care they need.

“Our mission is to provide community health access to the entire DC area,” says Welsh. “Our aim is to ease societal and financial burdens on those with a mental health issue, and to provide resources, services and care to anyone who needs help.”

HOPE will be at NBC4 Health and Fitness Expo Booth M13 (to the right of the concessions), 801 Mt Vernon Pl NW, Washington, DC 20001.

For more information, visit www.hopetherapyandwellness.com.

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