Hoover AL SEO Google Business Ranking Marketing Expert Guide Launched

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Trustway Marketing has developed a comprehensive guide to common SEO and marketing problems, with tips and helpful advice to recognize and avoid them when looking for a marketing company.

Trustway Marketing, a marketing company determined to do things differently, has released a complimentary guide of common SEO marketing tips. They know that finding a trustworthy marketing company can be difficult and want to help people to recognize 8 common problems, and how to steer clear of them.

For more information, the full guide can be found at https://trustway.marketing/8-common-seo-marketing-scams-how-to-avoid-them

With the release of their new guide, Trustway Marketing aims to help businesses navigate the wide range of SEO options available. They know that making the wrong choice can do more harm than good to a business, and while the cheapest options may look appealing, they often turn out to be problematic.

While many less scrupulous companies offer guarantees, that doesn’t mean they will follow through on them. By the time it becomes obvious that a company isn’t entirely trustworthy, they’ve already been paid for months of wasting time and are ready to move on to the next client.

The guide explains that with a legitimate marketing company, it can take four months to a year for SEO to be fully effective. Promises of immediate results are a definite red flag because it takes time for Google’s bots to crawl and index a website. How long exactly depends on a number of factors, including the kind of keywords, type of website, and type of business the website is for.

One SEO issue Trustway Marketing shares in the report is guaranteeing the #1 spot on Google searches. No one except Google themselves can guarantee a spot on the first page, yet this is the most common SEO issue seen today. If it was that easy, every company looking to advertise would hold the #1 spot, and it would start to look quite crowded up there.

Another frequently seen claim is promising a certain number of visitors per day to a site. While it may be true that they can provide hundreds or even thousands of visitors per day, it’s unlikely that those visitors will be actual people. It’s easy for companies to flood a website with bots that will look good on a traffic counter but are entirely useless for growing a business.

A spokesperson for Trustway Marketing said: “The most important thing you should know is that there are no guarantees in marketing. If you see a marketing company advertising SEO with guarantees, it’s probably not legitimate.”

Interested parties can find the full guide available at https://trustway.marketing/8-common-seo-marketing-scams-how-to-avoid-them

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