Honolulu Medi Spa & Clinic Wellness Digital Marketing Expert Solutions Launched

Supreme Wellness Leads announced the launch of a limited time 2 week free marketing campaign for medi spas and clinics in Honolulu interested in gaining more leads and increasing their visibility online.

Supreme Wellness Leads, Supreme Wellness Leads, a digital marketing solutions company focused on helping small businesses grow, announced a limited time 2 week free marketing campaign services for medi spas and clinics in Honolulu. The company helps businesses in the wellness industry gain more authority and online exposure by providing a wide range of services, including Facebook ads, website optimization, organic website ranking in Google, reputation management and marketing, and website creation.

More information can be found at https://supremewellnessleads.com.

The wellness economy was more than half of the total global health spending last year, with The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) reporting that it is now valued at 4.2 trillion. Today, digital technologies are revolutionizing the wellness industry and transforming the way consumers make health and wellness decisions.

Trusted by small and large healthcare providers alike, Supreme Wellness Leads develops and implements digital marketing strategies that meet stringent industry guidelines, reach target audiences and maximize marketing ROI.

With strategic campaigns built to sell a vast selection of wellness services or products, the company’s lead generation services can help businesses reach new potential clients and customers online, without the huge print advertising costs.

Supreme Wellness Leads digital marketing services for many wellness practices, including dermal fillers, microdermabrasion, laser and IPL treatments, skin peels, laser hair removal, fractional RF, micro needling, body contouring, coolsculpting, anti-aging, LED light therapy, massage, ultrasonic treatments, and cosmetic injectables

The recent announcement is part of the company’s commitment to help businesses in the wellness industry adhere to the best practice and treatment standards, while capitalizing on their digital market.

The owner of the company said: “Personally, I have practiced Yoga and meditation for nearly two decades. Over the years, I have assembled my own ‘wellness’ team which consists of chiropractic, physiotherapy and massage therapy. Helping local businesses within the wellness industry grow and prosper is something I am extremely passionate about and I consider myself truly fortunate to have that opportunity.”

Interested parties can find more by visiting the above mentioned website or calling +1 201 268 7403(US) +61 424 719 334(AU).

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