Hong Kong & Singapore Debt Collection from UK Businesses Service Launched.

Anthill Debt Collectors has launched a new service focusing on helping businesses in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore recover UK based debts. Its specialist team has a commission approach so you only pay if your money is recovered. There is no charge for failed recovery

Anthill Debt Collectors Ltd has launched a new service focusing on businesses in the Far East, throughout Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore, to recover debts owed by UK companies. It can often be hard to recover UK based debts, but Anthill Debt Collectors makes it easier and prides itself on its high quality service.

More information can be found at: http://debtcollectors-uk.com

The site explains that Anthill Debt Collectors, a leading debt collection agency, has been successfully recovering debts for its clients since 1985. This wealth of experience helps to ensure that they can always provide the best service, and the firm has a 90% success rate with its collections

Dealing with both commercial and private debts, Anthill Debt Collectors can work with clients in any business niche. It charges 15% commission for all debts above £2,500

This commission basis is one of the elements that separates the debt collection agency from others in the field. It means there are no hidden surprises or additional costs, and clients can focus on what matters most: recovering their money.

One of the added benefits of this system is that if, for any reason, the collection is not successful, there is no charge whatsoever.

The Anthill Debt Collectors system works in a simple way. All the client has to do is provide their details, the details of the debtor, and a copy of any outstanding debts, along with invoices.

From there, the expert debt collectors will work tirelessly to recover the money owed. Even if there is litigation work involved, there are no additional fees for the client to pay.

The experts state: “More and more businesses are closing down today, because of cash flow problems. Late payment is one of the oldest tricks of the trade. Half of all invoices are not paid on time in the UK. If you don’t take action fast, it might be too late.”

Full details on how to work with Anthill can be found on the URL above.

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