Honest Food Talks Announces Collaboration with Social Media Influencers

Honest Food Talks announces collaboration with micro influencers on new project exploring local food and culture from Africa and the Middle East region.

Honest Food Talks, a digital media start-up in the F&B industry, announces collaboration with micro influencers on an exciting new project exploring local food and culture from Africa and the Middle East region.

The collaboration will help to expand the current platform and feature more content from a range of perspectives.

The online platform has previously collaborated with cooking utensil brand UnoCasa to bring about an authentic moroccan chicken Tagine recipe from a local street food vendor. Seeing the success of this piece amongst readers, the digital start up is now actively collobarating with more micro influencers who would like to share their family recipes and educate a wider audience about their culture.

Anna A, Marketing Manager at Honest Food Talks commented on the new collaboration project: “With this new collaboration project, we hope to help micro influencers who would like to grow their own audience outside of social media. This will also pave the way for us to become a free to use creative collaboration platform.”

“We have been established online for almost a year now and are recognised by many F&B entrepreneurs as a brand that helps young businesses attract more attention online, giving them a voice.

“In the future, we hope to attract more micro influencers to collaborate with us on projects exploring culture and food from other regions of the world.”

Some micro influencers who have already collaborated with Honest Food Talks include Nyam with Ny, Lagom Eats and Kauaigirl.

Nyam with Ny is a blog run by Nyasha who educates her followers on spicy food from different cultures. She has previously brought to the online platform an informative piece on rabokki, a spicy street food snack originating from Korea.

LagomEats is a Swedish couple based in the US who cover home cook food on their YouTube Channel. Lagom Eats is designed to be a one-stop for new home cooks and beginners to learn yummy recipes and have step-by-step videos to guide them along the way.

Kauaigirl, is a growing Instagram influencer who was born and raised on the island of Kauai in Hawaii and now lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. Growing up with the influences of her Asian Filipino heritage and the culture of Hawaii, she has shared her story as well as a homemade coconut pudding recipe online with dedicated readers.

About Honest Food Talks

Honest Food Talks is one of the fastest growing digital media start-ups in the F&B industry. The platform primarily introduces new restaurant openings, authentic recipes, monthly interviews with entrepreneurs and food orientated travel guides.

Founders of the platform have considerable experience in the food and beverage industry, covering controversial topics and the latest social media trends.

For interested parties can find more information on their website.

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