Homewatch CareGivers launches new program to address Holiday Depression in the Elderly

Homewatch CareGivers of Plymouth Michigan has launched a new community outreach program to provide useful information and assistance to local residents.

Plymouth, MI, November 8, 2014 – Homewatch CareGivers of Plymouth Michigan, a provider of personalized home care services for seniors and people of all ages, has launched a new community outreach program to provide useful information and assistance to local residents about the growing incidence of holiday depression in the elderly. http://thehomecareexpert.com/service-areas/

The holiday season can create a tremendous amount of stress, anxiety and depression for many people, especially elderly loved ones. A phenomenon known as “Holiday depression is a significant issue” says Kurt A. Kazanowski, the owner of Homewatch CareGivers in Plymouth Michigan. Kazanowski goes on to say, “knowing the signs of sadness, loneliness and depression and how to address them can make or break a pleasant holiday season”. http://thehomecareexpert.com/senior-care/

Homewatch CareGivers of Plymouth has a new program that provides information and assistance along with articles, videos and helpful hints to help make the holiday season joyous for seniors. The company’s new web site offers helpful information, articles and videos along with a unique way to “give the gift of care” – a personalized gift of holiday assistance to a family caring for a senior loved one. http://thehomecareexpert.com/specialty-services/je…

Kazanowski, a registered nurse and health care executive with over 35 years of health care experience running hospitals, hospices and home care companies, offer these 10 helpful tips:

1.Create a festive Mood.  Make sure elderly loved ones are part of all of the festivities and feel that special feeling of the holidays.  Here are a few creative ideas to accomplish that. Have children email, call or video chat their grandparents a “25 Days of Christmas” thought, gift or greeting.  Starting on December 1 and for each day until Christmas, connect with loved through a special thought, message or small gift.  Be creative and have fun with this special Christmas project as the entire family can participate and be part of the process.   

2.Stroll down memory lane. Holidays are synonymous with memories, which can be especially powerful and compelling in the later years of life.  Memories and life events are important components of the aging process. Use photo albums, family videos, letters and music, even theme songs from old radio or TV programs, to help stimulate memories and encourage elderly adults to share their stories and experiences with the next generations.  These actions can be a powerful tool to fight depression and bring a sense a meaning to loved one.

3.Create new memories. In addition to the stroll down memory lane, seniors need cognitive stimulation as well as new events to anticipate.  A great way to accomplish this is to add something brand new to holiday celebration routine. Enjoy activities that are free, such as taking a drive to look at holiday decorations, window-shopping at the mall, attend a holiday play at a local school or volunteer for your family to help others in need.

4.Reach out and touch. Social, emotional and spiritual connection is especially important during the holiday season. Whether a loved one is close by or far away, reaching out to  elderly loved ones is something that needs to be done on a regular basis. Loneliness is a difficult emotion for anyone, but in older people it is a documented fact that loneliness is associated with major depression and sadness. If a loved one lives near by, have them come over and spend a few days with their family.  If they are far away, hire an in-home care company and give loved one the “gift” of a caregiver several days a week throughout the holiday season. An in-home caregiver can be a much needed companion and help them get out and about.

5.Keep an eye on medications and alcohol. If a senior family member is in sight, be sure to help them adhere to their regular schedule of medications during the frenzy of the holidays. Also, pay attention to their alcohol consumption during holiday parties and family gatherings.  Excessive alcohol may lead to inappropriate behavior or interfere with prescription medications.

6.Professional Assistance.   In more severe cases of depression, prescription antidepressant drugs have been known to be mood enhancing and can improve the quality of life in elderly adults. Cognitive therapy sessions with a counselor may also be an effective solution. Another good proactive is to find the local Geriatric Assessment Center and keep that information readily available. This community resource will be a valuable tool for the loved one in the event additional care or support is required.

The best tip however is as simple as relieving loneliness through visitations, outings and involvement in family activities.

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