Homesteading And Survival Book For Self Sufficient Prepper Living Launched

A longtime survivalist has written a comprehensive book on how modern Americans can live like the pioneers using ancient survival and homesteading practices.

A survival expert with over 30 years of experience has published a book exploring the lost skills and knowledge of homesteading and living with minimal resources.

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The Lost Ways, authored by survivalist Claude Davis, tells the secrets of early American pioneers, such as growing one’s food, raising livestock, and how to store food in case of an emergency. According to the author, these homesteading skills are as important today as they were in ancient times owing to recent events like food and supply shortages due to the pandemic.

Apart from food preservation, the book covers other essential survival topics like how to set up traps to catch animals that can be used as food and clothing, how to build underground houses, how to collect and store clean water, how to combine common ingredients to make poultices for treating injuries and infection, how to protect ammunition and what to do if they run out, and more.

According to the author, these skills were passed down by the pioneers to their children, but are no longer practiced today owing to the availability of modern technology and convenience. This book brings those skills back to the modern world by showing readers how to take care of themselves and their family outside the grid as a self-sufficient homesteader.

Author Claude Davis is a longtime survival expert and owner of, a website specializing on survival news and techniques. In addition to his knowledge, Mr. Davis consulted with a number of sources and experts in writing this book, including woodsman and trapper Patrick Shelley, Native American superfood expert Lex Rooker, subterranean shelter specialist Erik Bainbridge, and many others.

Interest in prepper living has risen over the past months because of the impact of the coronavirus. Earlier this year, NPR reported that businesses that specialize in disaster preparedness and prepper food saw their sales increase as people stock up on supplies in response to the pandemic.

“The crisis that we all prepare for is what folk of 150 years ago called daily life. They survived a world without electricity, running water, grocery, or any form of modern comfort,” the author said. “Their ways and secrets are all here in this book, which is now available for anyone who wants to overcome whatever life throws at them.”

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