Homeschool Curriculum Supplies – Vendor Directory/Parent Resources Launched

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Homeschool Resource Directory has launched an online searchable index of popular homeschool curriculum and resource suppliers, as well as state homeschooling organizations.

Homeschool Resource Directory, an educational resource for parents looking to homeschool their children, has launched an online service that offers simplified access to curriculum vendors for every state. The website also contains a number of guides and articles to help new homeschooling parents get started.

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The recently launched online service allows for searching of vendors by category, grade level, and subject, as well as providing a list of featured vendors that are popular with homeschooling families. Resources are regularly added and updated, so the most up-to-date services and supplies are always available.

Using the search function it is possible to find schooling supplies from qualified sources such as Notgrass History, My Fathers World, My Leadership Compass and the Institute for Excellence in Writing. There is also a category for used supplies and curricula in the search, and even how to homeschool helps, like Topics include, homeschool math, homeschool writing, homeschool science, homeschool economics and many more!

The website also features a list of each state’s homeschooling organizations, which provide a number of services to the families in their area. This can include hosting events, providing support groups, and education about the regulations and requirements for homeschooling in each state. For parents concerned about legal challenges to homeschooling they also provide regular updates about the freedoms available.

Educational resources for adults overseeing homeschooling include a variety of topics, beginning with the basics of how to homeschool. This is a particularly sought-after topic in the current troubled times and can be found in the “How To Begin” section of the Homeschool Resource Directory website.

The directory also contains helpful guides on other topics, such as how to choose a curriculum, and what children need to be taught. They also cover the different styles of learning and teaching, as well as subject-specific topics, like their guide Civics for Preschool through Middle School.

The Homeschool Resource Directory also offers a guide to local and online events, including conferences on homeschooling, and book fairs. There is a section that includes the guidelines for posting an event, so homeschooling parents or guardians may add an event for their local area.

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