Homemade Kombucha Raspberry Blueberry Flavors Recipe & Pro Tips Report Launched

‘Flavoring Kombucha With Fruit’, a new report providing Kombucha aficionados with detailed and comprehensive video instructions, pro tips, recipes and advice on how to add raspberry and/or blueberry flavor to a Kombucha tea, smoothie or drink, has been released.

Kambuchaa.com has announced the release of a new report entitled ‘Flavoring Kombucha With Fruit’, featuring a video guide with instructions, recipes and pro tips on how to add a secondary raspberry or blueberry flavoring to homemade Kombucha drinks or tea.

More information is available at http://www.Kambuchaa.com

The Kambuchaa.com is a renowned online source for specialist home brewing advice, tips and instructions on the increasingly popular Kombucha tea and drinks, including a wide range of equipment and starter kit evaluations, recipes, ‘how to’ videos and pro tips to make the process more simple, efficient and affordable.

The popular site has now announced the release of a new report on ‘Flavoring Kombucha With Fruit’, providing the Kombucha aficionados a detailed and comprehensive video guide with instructions and pro tips on the how to add a raspberry or blueberry flavor to homemade Kombucha tea, smoothies or drinks.

The newly released report and video guide includes information on the necessary equipment and fruit quantities according to the preferred homemade flavored kombucha tea, smoothie or drink batch size and the entire flavoring process as well as the standard duration of the secondary fermentation after adding the raspberries or blueberries as well as crucial bottling tips and best practices.

The ‘Flavoring Kombucha With Fruit’ video guide report also showcases the standard and recommended Kombucha to fruit ratio that should be struck by homemade flavored Kombucha brewers along with what color and consistency the end result should demonstrate after the proper secondary fermentation with the raspberries and/or blueberries is complete, and more.

Additional information on the newly released ‘Flavoring Kombucha With Fruit’ report along with further video guides, instructions and specialist tips or advice on the best techniques, equipment, recipes and ingredients or starter kits to home brew standard or fruit, ginger and mint flavored Kombucha tea, smoothies or drinks in more effective, affordable and rapid ways, can also be consulted on the website link provided above.

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