Homebound Elderly Spiritual Care Bible Based Services Fundraiser Launched

The GoFundMe campaign 'Spiritual Care to Homebound Elderly' is raising funds to train workers to provide in-home spiritual Bible-based services for those who cannot attend church services. Trained visitors will visit weekly and spend about an hour praying, singing and reading from the Bible.

Spiritual Care to Homebound Elderly is a new GoFundMe campaign just launched to raise funds to facilitate the spiritual needs of elderly people who are unable to attend church services. The campaign will enable trained volunteers to visit these people and provide Bible-based activities that are tailored to the individual’s preference.

For more information and to participate in the campaign, visit www.gofundme.com/2qx47wqk

Advanced old age renders many people incapable of leaving their homes or old age homes on a regular basis to attend church. The situation is further complicated when the aged person has physical limitations caused by a stroke, incontinence and other conditions or mental conditions such as dementia.

Sadie Mae Mitchell, the founder of the campaign, is a nurse, a minister and the founder of the Christian nonprofit Heart of Service Ministries. She has many years of experience caring for elderly people and also training others to do so. In her years of service, she has met numerous adults who were pastors, ministers, choir members, deacons and Sunday School teachers. These people who have spent an entire lifetime in church-related activities, now find themselves unable to even attend the services.

Sadie Mae says, “Our mission is to provide spiritual in-home service for older adults who are church members, but who are now home-bound. They are incapacitated physically, many even suffer with chronic mental issues such as dementia, rendering them unable to attend church.”

The money raised by the campaign will be used to train workers in spiritual activities such as prayer, singing, sharing spiritual insights, encouragement, and conversation. This free service will provide workers who will visit elderly people once a week and spend an hour interacting with them. It is important to Sadie that the elderly and family members desire the service and approve of the cause of the mission. The workers will also be trained to develop personalized programs for each client based on their preferences and Christian affiliations. Music and other materials will be left in the client’s home to be used as the person wishes.

The fundraising goal is $168,000 and the program is scheduled to officially start in January 2017. The first area of service will be in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. For more information visit the link given above.

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