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Max Grit Fitness Shop of Aurora, CO launches its new home workout collection. It features innovative equipment and accessories that support people’s fitness routines in the new normal.

The Colorado based Max Grit Fitness Shop announces the launch of its home workout line. This new offering aims to help people maintain their fitness and health despite shelter-in-place orders.

More information about Max Grit Fitness Shop is available via https://maxgritfitness.com

The new collection was released to provide customers with a broad range of home exercise equipment to help them achieve their fitness goals. This offering encompasses both fitness gear and accessories that make workouts more effective and enjoyable.

Studies show that people need to get at least 150 minutes of moderate activity each week for optimal health. However, as most gyms and fitness centers are closed or have limited operating capacities, access to quality home exercise equipment proves vital.

Max Grit Fitness Shop’s home fitness collection features innovative products that help users maximize their workouts. It also includes accessories for outdoor exercise, which is currently one of the safest ways to maintain one’s fitness.

Among the unique products in this line are portable sit-up kits, gyroscope grip exerciser, workout ab rollers, resistance bands, and pilates bar kits. Accessories include waist bags, patella stabilizers, leggings, and water bottles.

Customers can pay for their orders using secured channels such as credit cards, Shop Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal. As part of the collection’s launch, new customers can get 15% off on their orders by joining Max Grit Fitness Shop’s mailing list.

Aside from being safer, Max Grit Fitness Shop notes that working out at home is considerably cheaper as one does not need to pay any membership fees. Likewise, one can choose their own workout schedule and won’t have to jockey for use of certain fitness equipment unlike with gyms.

Max Grit Fitness Shop is a leading purveyor of fitness equipment sourced from the most trusted brands on the market. With its home workout collection, the company aims to support its clients’ fitness journey in the new normal.

A spokesperson says: “These days, a home isn’t just an office or a classroom—for many, it’s also their gym. Our high-quality collection of home exercise equipment allows people to stay fit and healthy without having to sign up to any gym.”

Further information about Max Grit Fitness Shop and its products is available through the URL above.

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