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A new service professional and contractor hire app has been launched by ServiceHerd. Aimed at the over-55 market, it provides peace of mind and added security for seniors.

ServiceHerd has launched an updated service to ensure safety, reliability and effectiveness for seniors. Their service professional and contractor marketplace app is designed for over 55s with a focus on safety and peace of mind.

More information can be found at: https://www.ServiceHerd.com

Over 55s and seniors are often targeted by untrustworthy service providers and contractors. This leads to reduced trust among elderly citizens – but now ServiceHerd has a direct solution.

With their newly updated service, the 55+ population can arrange for construction work, repairs and maintenance, and get technicians to visit their home without worrying about scams or fraud.

As the over-55 population continues to grow, there is ever-increasing demand for a safer, more reliable community around service providers. This is what ServiceHerd aims to offer with the cutting-edge new solution.

By providing seniors access to reliable, trusted and checked providers, they enable clients to enjoy their daily life without fear or unnecessary concerns. ServiceHerd is designed to be a one-stop shop for any service that can be found in the yellow pages.

Rather than having to worry about the trustworthiness of the company they’re dealing with, over 55s can now rely on ServiceHerd to keep them safe. Through their handpicked marketplace, seniors can connect with verified and reputable companies for all their project needs.

As part of this focus on quality and reliable solutions, ServiceHerd provides users with safety-first features like video interviews before a job is carried out. This is a chance for the app user to get to know the company in question and ensure they’re a good fit. It also provides added reassurance before the home visit.

Interested parties can download the app on the Google Play or App Store and begin using it immediately.

The company states: “ServiceHerd is a one stop shop catering to this special 55+ audience by literally putting a modern-day yellow pages in the palm of your hand. Never before have you been able to have a video interview before an appointment or a virtual estimate prior to a service provider in person visit.”

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