Home Office Chair Reduce Back Neck Pain Perfect Posture Support Product Launched

All33 are aiming to help people who are working from home reduce the back and neck pain that comes from bad posture with their Backstrong ergonomic office chair.

All33 has launched its updated ergonomic office chairs that are designed to improve posture while increasing its users’ physical and emotional health.

More information is available at https://thebackstrongworkchair.com.

The updated Backstrong C1 office chair from All33 has been developed for people who are finding themselves working from home for prolonged periods of time and want to enhance their home office set-up. The Backstrong chair aims to provide users with comfortable and health-boosting seating.

In the current global pandemic, many people are working from home with office set-ups that aren’t always ideal. As people are sat for prolonged periods of time in unsuitable chairs, they can be at risk of increased injuries due to backache and fatigue. The updated Backstrong chairs from All33 offers home office workers an ergonomic alternative that actively works to reduce back and neck pain.

The conditions and pain caused by improper seating posture can include headaches, muscle tension, impaired breathing, and joint dysfunction. These conditions can become detrimental to a person’s work, affecting the sufferer’s physical and emotional well-being through stress and pain throughout the day. These conditions are the key factors the creators of updated All33 office chairs aimed to solve when they first developed their range of chairs.

All33’s ergonomic chair was designed by renowned chair designer and chiropractor Dr. Dennis Colonello alongside James Grove, founder of Product Design and Designworks for BMW. Together they created an office chair that offers health-boosting spinal support with its patented Sit-In-Motion technology.

The updated Backstrong C1 chair from All33 allows for the pelvis’s natural movement while people are sat, which improves their flexibility and circulation. Additionally, the chair reduces strain on the neck and shoulders by creating the ideal posture for users as it gently pushes the natural curvature of the lower spine.

All33 have made their Backstrong C1 chair available in both soft high-grade vegan leather and fabric, meaning people who are developing their work from home office can find a chair that suits their requirements and style while providing them with the support they need.

A spokesperson for All33 said their mission with the updated Backstrong chairs is, “To improve health and wellness and reduce suffering related to back, neck, and shoulder pain.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the website mentioned above.

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