Home Floatation Tank Sensory Deprivation For Chronic Pain Guide Launched

A new guide has been launched by Float Therapy covering the benefits of home floatation tanks. These sensory deprivation tanks can help with pain management, injuries, and more.

A new guide has been launched covering the benefits of personal sensory deprivation treatment for pain management and chronic pain. It highlights that float tanks in the home can be an effective way to find relief from muscle and joint pain through floating.

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The newly launched guide explains that readers can say goodbye to chronic pain with quality float tanks from Zen Float Company.

The Zen Float Tent was created based on a Kickstarter campaign to bring an affordable floatation tank to the market.

With floating and sensory deprivation tanks, the idea is simple. Users minimize or remove the sensory input to the brain and shut everything off.

In this way, they can create an environment that allows them to cut out distraction and focus more easily. It also provides access to a deeper meditative state and more clear thinking.

Customers buying the home floatation tank will be able to create a sense of nothingness that turns off all sensory input. That means no sight, sound, sense of touch or smell.

The new guide from Float Therapy explains that many of the daily aches and pains that people experience reside in muscles that are constantly engaged.

By placing the body into a gravity reduced environment, people can relieve the pressure. Floating in this way can help with blood circulation, relieving injuries, and reducing aches and pains.

The newly launched guide states: “The effect of sensory deprivation reduces the stimulation of the nervous system enormously, leading to increased endorphin production in the brain and a subjectively lower sensation of pain. Many users have personally reported a significant decrease in pain levels after just one float and studies have been conducted finding that as few as twelve regular sessions may be enough to notice a considerable difference in pain relief.”

By investing in a home floatation tank, customers can make a commitment to their quality of life and their future lifestyle.

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