Home Deep Cleaning Guide – Kitchen/Bathroom Cleanliness Methods Report Released

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Mamabee LLC based in Livingston, NJ, announces a new report on deep cleaning living spaces. The author Meghna lays out a methodical plan for every room of a house or apartment and offers practical suggestions.

Mamabee LLC based in Livingston, NJ, announces a new report on home deep cleaning. Under the current pandemic, the need to maintain cleanliness has moved to a higher than usual priority.

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This new report aims to help people improve their health by ensuring that their living spaces are free of allergens and germs. Keeping all the rooms of a house clean will eliminate a host of respiratory and other illnesses.

According to Mamabee LLC, the last 12 months have seen a lot of focus on wearing masks and keeping hands and store-bought items clean. But in the process, the larger cleaning requirements may be neglected. Now with social distancing norms being relaxed as a result of vaccinations, people will restart social activities such as visiting. Hence, home cleaning is required.

Meghna, the author of the report, recommends a few initial steps to ensure that the deep clean is effective. Getting the needed supplies and equipment is an essential first step. Different surfaces such as tile, wood, or glass will need cleaning liquids suited to them. Chemical cleaners must be replaced as much as possible with natural family and environment-friendly products.

Mamabee LLC suggests having a clear plan of action and fixing the date for the deep clean, well in advance. This will also allow for extra help from spouses and children to be factored in. Begin with the bathroom or kitchen, as these usually require the most work. Bathrooms could have mold due to standing moisture and Meghna recommends products from The Shroom Company to clean and prevent this.

The kitchen deep clean may require big appliances to be moved and cabinets emptied. For rooms with soft furnishings such as the bedroom and living room, beds and sofas need to be moved and the tops of bookshelves and headboards cleaned. Electronic devices also attract dust and grime.

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