Home Buyer Becomes Colorado Buyers Agent Who Advocates for Real Estate Consumers

Kathleen Chiras has been a licensed real estate professional for over 20 years. Her firm's mission is to empower consumers to have access to carefully vetted fiduciary real estate agents. Her team creates videos of agents as samples of qualities to look for.

Kathleen Chiras, the owner and CEO of Buyer Agent Search, is a regular guest on a Denver Consumer’s Real Estate Radio Show, and association manager for the non-profit Colorado Exclusive Buyer Agents Association. She is a licensed agent who has just expanded her service to provide a real estate consumer-oriented Youtube channel. She expanded the service to include additional free consultations to real estate sellers and buyers alike. In 2020 she launched this new buyers agent video series to help consumers see the qualities of top agents. In the introduction to the series, she shared her expertise on selecting and hiring top real estate agents.

For background information on the launcher of this new video series, go to https://buyeragentsearch.com/colorado-buyers-agent-free-service/

Chiras has a Masters in Social Work and previously worked as a sympathetic social worker early in her career. That experience gave her a solid grasp of the anxiety that many people experience about letting go of hard-earned savings, and the regret of making mistakes. In fact, Chiras’ personal buying experience drove her to put together a firm back in the 1990s.

In her interview, she enumerated the key things that the Buyer Agent Search service offers: 1. Careful vetting and ongoing reviews: Brokers and agents within its network are pre-vetted and continue to undergo regular reviews to ensure consumers only get to see and choose from the best lineup. All consumers are guaranteed the top-tier selection of fiduciary agents who are continuously evaluated by consumers and the service’s staff. 2. Customer Support. The service makes a match with 2 or more agent selections and provides immediate assistance. It proactively determines areas of concern through information gathered from buyers to match their needs up with a good selection of agents. Regular communication helps maintain a high level of professionalism. The service “weeds out” any licensee who does not represent the values that the service was created for. 3. A free Consultation Service: Chiras has provided the service at no cost to consumers for over two decades.

Consumers are encouraged to take advantage of services that offer a third party oversight to increase the likelihood of securing a good property without overpaying for it. A good agent will objectively help consumers evaluate the pros and cons of all properties being considered. In the interview series, Chiras states, “Engaging a buyers agent will help consumers avoid making the wrong real estate investment”.

Those who wish to get a list of top-performing real estate agents from Buyer Agent Search may visit the website: https://buyeragentsearch.com/find-a-buyers-agent/ or simply call 800-383-7188 Mondays through Sundays. Chiras and her team are available to assist any consumer looking anywhere in the United States, Canada, or Costa Rica.

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