Home-Based Business Automation – Online Entrepreneur Mentorship Program Updated

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Barbs Ventures has updated its online training program for business owners who join the program. The program uses automated tools for online businesses and shows entrepreneurs how to increase their sales.

Barbs Ventures, a company based in Edmonton, Alberta, that specializes in online business creation, has launched an updated training program for new and future business owners that join our group of entrepreneurs.

More information can be found by visiting https://www.barbsventures.com

The recently updated training program is provided online and is best suited to people who wish to operate a business from home and create more time for themselves and their families. Training is provided by digital marketing mentor Barbara Ward.

Ward provides automated tools as part of the training. Our team will manage technical systems, such as websites and databases, on the client’s behalf and write sales copy. She also provides an alternative to cold-calling, researches the most suitable products the client can sell online and automates inventory and shipping.

Throughout the training, students will learn the common mistakes that lead 90 percent of online business owners to fail in the first year and how to avoid these. As part of the update, students will be supported by an online community of successful entrepreneurs who will provide insight on how they have generated an income online. These mentors will help others to grow their businesses by sharing their tried and tested techniques.

As a result of the training, the company says students will generate more income from online sales, create more freedom that allows them to travel, and enjoy a comfortable life that involves more spare time to spend with family. Interested parties can register their interest on the company’s website by filling out an intake form. Upon completion, they will receive training materials to their email addresses.

Joan, a past student, says, “My husband and I have owned a Pizza shop for seven years and during that time have barely had any free time together. We’ve had to work so hard to get any kind of results. But after just seven months of working online, our situation has completely changed!”

Barbs Ventures is an attraction model business where the sales and products are closed for you. It specializes in e-commerce automation and is passionate about helping new business owners to excel online.

For more information on Barbs Ventures and the company’s updated training program for new and future business owners visit https://www.barbsventures.com

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