Hollywood Roofing Experts Report Large Growth In 2021

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The Hollywood Roofing Experts have reported significant growth in 2021, mainly due to successful internet marketing campaigns implemented in 2020 during the pandemic.

The Hollywood Roofing Experts have reported a growth in overall business by over 76% in 2021. With 2020 being a year that most people and business owners alike would rather forget, it is pretty remarkable that the Hollywood Roofing Experts have made 2021 so productive. This growth has led to multiple new positions being filled, from administration roles to new salespeople and roofing crews.

Jonathan, a representative of Hollywood Roofing Experts, had this to say, “I believe we can attribute much of this growth to us making the wise move to start promoting our brand and roofing service online. Our high-quality work for years had us doing well with word of mouth alone, but now combined with getting exposure online, we are very pleased with our results. Even amidst the shortages and other obstacles that were remaining from the pandemic, we are still able to get the job done for our clients and not have to raise our prices.”

In 2020 the Hollywood Roofing Experts realized the importance of shifting a large part of the marketing focus towards the internet. There has never been a time that made it more evident to just how important being online plays for all businesses, large or small, retail or service-based. Many construction-related industries have overlooked how impactful having a real and successful online presence can have. In this day and age, almost everyone uses the internet for nearly everything, including researching and finding qualified roofing contractors.

The Hollywood Roofing Experts help homeowners and business owners alike that have roofing needs. The roofing contractors partnered with the Hollywood Roofing Experts offer a wide range of roofing repairs. They also work with every roofing material available for roof replacements, be it asphalt shingles, metal, or tile, all of which are popular in southern Florida. Free estimates and proposals are offered, in addition to having access to multiple financing options for those homeowners that need it.

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