Hollywood Roofing Experts Expand & Make New Hires

The Hollywood Roofing Experts have made new hires in key departments such as project management and sales. This is in anticipation of a busy summer season to come.

The Hollywood Roofing Experts rebounded very nicely in 2021; with a combination of effective word of mouth referrals and successful internet marketing, they now are expanding to the neighboring area such as Dania Beach and Hallandale Beach. With expansion into a larger area, the demand to bring new team members on was imminent. New hires were made in both project management and the sales department, and when summer rolls around, additional roofing crews will be needed, especially for emergency roof repairs.

Good project management is crucial for ensuring a roofing company runs smoothly. When a roofing company grows and juggles more projects, it becomes necessary to hire additional project managers, especially in south Florida, where the landscape is very sprawling and takes a long time to get from place to place.

In addition, more salespeople were hired; as more inbound calls come in, there is a need for qualified salespeople. The same problem of a large area applies to the sales team; as more calls come in from a wider area, more people are needed as many roofing salespeople will need to visit the home to give a proper estimate.

When the summer comes, along with it comes the daily rains. In Hollywood, FL, the almost nonstop rain of summer exposes many homeowners’ roofs to leaks. Many leaks are fixable with a roof repair, and when the roof is leaking, homeowners want it fixed ASAP. Therefore more roof repair crews will be needed to handle the influx of new calls that will come.

Abe, a representative of the Hollywood Roofing Experts, had this to say, “Bringing on new team members was so needed. And now is the perfect time to get everyone trained and ready for a busy summer, as winter is the slowest time of year for the roofing industry.”

For those in Hollywood, FL, and the surrounding areas, be sure to contact the Hollywood Roofing Experts to get a free estimate and proposal on all roof repair and replacement projects. Roofing financing is also available for qualifying homeowners.

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