Hollywood Production of Battlefield Earth Audiobook Sets New Standard for Fans

Hollywood production of the Battlefield Earth unabridged audiobook sets a new standard in the audiobook industry, providing nearly 50 hours of state-of-the-art sci-fi audiobook entertainment. More information can be found at http://adbl.co/2ch8rlW

Science fiction fans looking for a Hollywood production, on par with Star Trek and Star Wars, but as an unabridged audiobook, can now take advantage of the new offering from Galaxy Press. They have created what AudioBook Heaven, an audiobook critic, has called, “A full-blown feature film in your head” —a new unabridged audiobook of L. Ron Hubbard’s 1,000-page epic SF novel Battlefield Earth.

This production for L. Ron Hubbard’s Battlefield Earth unabridged audiobook features over 65 actors playing 198 characters, 150,000 sound effects and three hours of original music. The production was directed by actor and director Jim Meskimen (Justice League: Gods & Monsters). The award-winning cast includes Grammy award-winner Stefan Rudnicki (Best Children’s Album 1999, The Children’s Shakespeare), Josh Clark (Star Trek: Voyagers and Heroes), Scott Menville (Robin on Teens Titan Go!), Nancy Cartwright (voice of Bart Simpson), Charles Davis (Power Rangers and Justice League), Fred Tatasciore (Hulk on Avengers Assemble) and 60 other Hollywood actors.

Battlefield Earth is the biggest SF multi-cast unabridged audiobook ever produced. There are 44 CDs with a run-time of over 47 hours. Since launch it has taken the #1 spot on the Publishers Weekly National Bestseller list and routinely shows up on the Audible and Amazon bestseller lists. AudioFile called it a “vivid movie of the mind” and bestowed on it their coveted Earphones Award. A free excerpt of this audio is available at:Audible.com/BattlefieldEarth

The reviewers on Audible.com, the leading digital audiobook retail site, rate the audiobook at 4.7 stars.

Battlefield Earth is an epic science fiction adventure in the year 3000, where humanity is all but extinct after a vicious and overwhelming alien invasion. It captures the indomitable human spirit and overcoming of impossible odds. The enhanced audio production was inspired by the story’s long term success in publishing: a New York Times bestseller for 8 weeks after initial release and voted #3 of the 100 Best Novels of the 20th Century in the Random House Modern Library Reader’s Poll.

Director Jim Meskimen put it this way, “We wanted to take the best of today’s technological advances in the audio world and apply them to this story to make this big sprawling yarn as vivid and as exciting for people who just like to listen to stories. And so we threw everything into it with the sound effects, music, the mixing, the ambience, all the different sounds and qualities so the people could have a very full experience of this story and really be inside of it.”

Galaxy Press takes audiobook publishing very seriously, as evidenced by their Guinness Record held for the most audiobooks published for one author, L. Ron Hubbard (USA) with 185 audiobooks published.

“Audiobooks are a remarkable fusion of the rich tradition of spoken stories and the innovations of modern technology. And as the fastest growing format in its field, in which the customers are only getting younger, the future is bright for audiobooks. And even brighter for their readers.” says Ian Small of Audiobooks.com

The downloadable audiobook of Battlefield Earth is available for less than $1.00 an hour, which is 30% less than the CD list price. To find out more about this new level of audio production or to listen to it, go to Audible.com/BattlefieldEarth.

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