Hollywood Escrow is Now Secured Trust Escrow in Los Angeles

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Relocated from the South Bay to the heart of Los Angeles, Hollywood Escrow is now servicing Southern California’s professional escrow needs as Secured Trust Escrow, a Premier Escrow Company.

From real estate transactions to surrogacy escrow and far beyond, it’s quite clear many have a need for an easy-to-work-with, dependable, and attractively priced escrow service. This fact is magnified even further in the Los Angeles area, where there’s no shortage of deals of all kinds being made day and night that require the safety and security net a professional escrow service provides, especially if they also perform speciality escrow service work. Stepping up to help fill this void in California is Secured Trust Escrow, formerly known as Hollywood Escrow in the South Bay. Secured Trust Escrow has a team deeply experienced in a very long list of local and non-local escrow needs, and are quite passionate about winning over loyal repeat clients through superior service.

“For those in need of professional escrow services without worrying about the legal complications, give us a call at (310) 318-3300,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “We’re experts in Residential Escrow, Commercial Escrow, Bulk Sale Escrow, Probate Escrow, Business Sale Escrow, and many other Specialized Escrows. We know you won’t be disappointed.”

Escrow services in Los Angeles are nearly always in demand, since it is the most common way in the state of California to safely close real estate deals. This allows funds to be deposited in a third party’s account, like the transparent, safe, and dependable Secured Trust Escrow, until both parties fulfill their obligations and then the money is released. This prevents a great deal of potential problems that have caused many people to lose money that they will never see again.

For those who are exploring non-traditional ways of having a child, surrogate escrow is also a way to protect all of the parties involved in such a serious and emotional process. Secured Trust Escrow has handled many of these exchanges, with tact, understanding, and care. Fertility escrow and egg donation escrow services are also offered by this firm.

Of course, all escrow services provided, require clear written documentation as the company acts as an impartial third party making sure all boxes are checked before money is released.

Secured Trust Escrow is licensed by the state of California and is quite proud of its team of seasoned professionals.

To learn more or set up an escrow services agreement be sure to visit www.securedtrustescrow.com.

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