Hollywood Actor gives tips on Intro30 Video Resume presentations

Intro30.com provides free training from a Hollywood Juilliard-trained professional actor on How to Nail your 30-second Video Introduction

For anyone looking to brush up on their 30-second Video Introduction expertise, Intro30.com offered a free training session on Wednesday, May 26th which is being followed up with a workshop on June 2nd.

Elaine Hausman, a Video Performance Coach & Image Strategist spent 18 years as a Juilliard-trained professional actor and 22 years in Marketing and Sales as a consultant, company spokesperson and educator in such diverse fields as concierge medicine and home fragrance. Whether just starting out in video or raising the bar, Elaine Hausman brings her unique lens and depth of experience to capture every aspect of who you are and what you do – in video.

Through work on your content, your environment, your relationship to the camera, and how you present and connect with your audience, Elaine brings you and your gifts into focus and raises the level of your video to meet your expertise.

She presented “Tips to Help You Stand Out in Your Video Resume”

Lighting & Sound, Framing & Environment, Eye Contact

What to say and what not to say in 30 seconds

How to avoid nerves as you race the clock

The difference between the written word and the spoken word and who you are

Having a script and practicing

When asked about the reasons behind the decision to provide free training on such an in-demand topic, Elaine Hausman said:

“There are tips. There are tricks. And then there is the journey.”

Job seekers, entrepreneurs, networkers, business leaders, graduates and anyone looking to improve their first video impression game can register here for a follow-up workshop on June 2nd

Customers who have specific questions about the training itself may contact Intro30.com via their website https://www.intro30.com/. More information on Elaine Hausman is available here; https://elainehausman.com/

Individuals wishing to engage in a deeper dive into their 30-second introduction can sign up to the workshop for $50 here: https://hgpglobal.com/events-workshops/workshop30secondvideos

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