Holistic Hormone Balancing For Women Over 35 Functional Medicine Book Launched

Licensed functional medicine physician Dr. Michelle Sands launched a new book offering a step-by-step approach for women looking to improve their hormone balance and reach their health and fitness goals.

Dr. Michelle Sands, a licensed natural and functional medicine physician with offices located in Waterbury, Vermont and Humacao, Puerto Rico, launched “Hormone Harmony Over 35: 5 Steps to Optimize Hormones for Abundant Energy, Elevated Mood, Magnetic Confidence, and Amazing Health”, an Amazon best-selling book offering a step-by-step approach for women looking to balance their hormone levels. The book is based on Dr. Sands’ extensive experience helping clients achieve optimal health and fitness through efficient nutrition and lifestyle modifications.

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The standard treatments for hormonal imbalances include synthetic or bio-identical hormone replacement, both of which can have a series of severe side effects. The new book aims to provide a natural alternative for women suffering from hormonal imbalances by suggesting a step-by-step approach based on holistic medicine, nutrition and lifestyle changes.

In her new book, Dr. Michelle Sands explains how women can balance their hormones in a natural, drug-free way by optimizing health and leveraging their own genetics using Dr. Sands’ proprietary formula called The GLOW Protocol. She offers five simple steps designed to help readers achieve optimal hormone levels and improve their overall wellbeing, fitness and energy levels.

The book is based on Dr. Sands extensive experience working with a wide range of clients. A licensed natural and functional medicine physician, she strives constantly to develop high-efficiency holistic health approaches to help women reach their health and fitness goals.

Dr. Michelle Sands is the founder of Glow Natural Wellness, a professional naturopathy and functional medicine clinic.

A satisfied patient said: “In my initial consultation with Dr. Sands I had a huge breakthrough. She helped me see that my own self-doubt was the biggest obstacle in the way of my success in so many areas of my life. Once I was conscientiously aware of that, I was able to move past it a little bit at a time. As the months went by I upgraded practically every area of my life – my health, my happiness, and my relationships.”

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