Holistic Health Community Natural Deodorant Launches 8-17-21

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Aura Naturals announced the availability of their new Natural Deodorant "Palo Santo Deodorant Spray" beginning 8-16-21. More information can be found at https://www.auranaturals.co/shop/p/aura-1.

Customers looking for the latest Natural Deodorant will soon be able to purchase Palo Santo Deodorant Spray by Aura Naturals. Today Arne Wilberg, Co-Founder at Aura Naturals releases details of their Palo Santo Deodorant’s development.

Palo Santo Deodorant Spray is designed to appeal specifically to the health and wellness community and includes:

All natural botanical deodorant – Aura is made with only natural and organic ingredients because people are learning today that removing unnecessary chemicals from your lifestyle can have significant health benefits, such as preventing the development of certain types of diseases. Your deodorant is no exception. This is great news for the consumer, as with 100% plant based ingredients you can be sure that Aura deodorant will not be the source of any mysterious health concerns that could arise from applying harmful ingredients to your body.

24 hour protection – This is an important product feature, since natural deodorants can be just as effective if not more so than conventional products. It all just comes down to using the right ingredients. Aura deodorant eliminates the source of body odor without interfering with your body’s natural detoxification process. It’s not sweat that needs to be stopped, but the odor causing bacteria that feed on it. With powerful antimicrobial ingredients derived from wildcrafted palo santo from Peru and lavender from the French Alps, Aura creates a long lasting barrier of natural protection with the added benefit of it’s cool fresh scent.

Customers who buy Palo Santo Deodorant Spray should enjoy this feature because many people believe that in order to prevent body odor you have to stop perspiration, but in fact sweat is essentially odorless. Antiperspirants are required to contain synthetic aluminum compounds that clog your pores in order to prevent sweat. Aside from controversial health risks, those aluminum compounds along with natural alum (aluminum salts) have been scientifically shown to alter the skin’s pH in a way that promotes the growth of abnormal types of skin bacteria that actually smell worse than you would without wearing deodorant at all. Talk about a losing strategy for eliminating body odor!

No aluminum or coconut oil to stain your clothes – Aura Naturals made sure to make this part of their Natural Deodorant’s development as many of us have noticed yellow marks on the armpits of our clothing, or oil marks from our natural deodorants. The yellow stains are not from sweat but from the aluminum in antiperspirant. And of course most natural deodorants contain ingredients like coconut oil or shea butter that will stain your clothes in their own way. That’s why Aura is Aluminum free and made without any oils or other ingredients that leave behind unnecessary residue on your skin and clothes. You’ll be glad to discover your deodorant can work perfectly fine without it. Customers will likely appreciate this because In addition to staining your clothes aluminum is also a skin irritant, along with other common ingredients such as baking soda and magnesium hydroxide which alter the skin pH and promote underarm rashes along with that extra bad body odor once the product wears off. All this adds up to a great set of reasons to switch to Aura, a residue free deodorant spray that actually works.

Arne Wilberg, when asked about Palo Santo Deodorant Spray said:

“There’s really nothing like this on the market. We use only premium botanical ingredients that are organically grown or sustainably sourced from their native habitats to create a refreshing deodorant and body spray that not only eliminates body odor, but also lifts your spirits with it’s unique scent.”

This is Aura Naturals’s #1 new product and Arne Wilberg is particularly excited about this release because he enjoys using this spray every day and he’s looking forward to more people being able to enjoy the benefits of this wonderful product.

Those interested in learning more about the business can do so on the business website at https://www.auranaturals.co/

Those interested in purchasing can go directly to the product listing, here: https://www.auranaturals.co/shop/p/aura-1

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