HOBOT-388 Window Cleaning Robot with Ultrasonic Water Spray

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HOBOT-388 is equipped with an exclusive module - Ultrasonic, which provides automatic spraying of cleaning fluid on the glass while operating. An ultrasonic spray converts the liquid into a thick mist, and this allows you to dissolve dust and wash windows without leaving streaks.

The HOBOT-388 features a patented ultrasonic cleaning spray nozzle and operates in a manner that dissolves dirt and dust, leaving the glass surface completely polished and streak-free.

For more details, please visit https://hobot.us/pages/hobot-388.

HOBOT-388 is designed using AI technology and powered by a vacuum motor. It has 2 cleaning wheels with microfiber (double side usable). There’s a vacuum motor inside to rotate the wheels while the device is moving; similar to hand movement in cleaning of a window. They are very effective at cleaning heavy dust.

High suction provided by the vacuum motor allows HOBOT-388 to clean more textured surfaces such as tile, partitions, mosaic windows and even wallpaper. It’s perfect to clean hard-to-reach areas due to its low body height and slim design.

HOBOT-388 includes smartphone and remote control options, a replaceable water tank, and pressure change detection. The power cord can reach as long as 16 feet and connects with a secure DC connection that prevents it from releasing unexpectedly.

HOBOT-388 can be controlled right from your phone. Convenient control of the HOBOT-388 Ultrasonic with iOS or Android app, as well as the included remote control.

It’s extremely easy to use and shows excellent results as confirmed by independent comparative tests. HOBOT-388 Ultrasonic comes out on top of the tests among the competition, which means you can be sure that it is one of the best window cleaning robots.

A spokesperson for the company stated: “We are always striving to offer the highest quality robotic technology, and the HOBOT 388 has the most advanced technology yet. This product is excellent for people who want to spend less time cleaning their windows and more time with their families.”

Additional information is available at https://hobot.us/products/hobot-388-window-cleaning-robot-with-ultrasonic-water-spray-slim-design.

More information about HOBOT-388 and other window cleaning robots and floor mopping robots at https://hobot.us/blogs/news

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