Historical Mail Order Bride Western Romantic Love Story – Kindle Novel Released

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Amelia Rose has released a new book called A Loving Heart For The Loyal Deputy. It's a romantic mail order bride story and the sixth book in the Bear Creek Bride series.

Amelia Rose, the author of “The Pastor’s Doubtful Daughter” and other romantic titles, has released her latest mail order bride novel for Kindle.

More information about the book’s release can be found by visiting https://www.amazon.com/Loving-Heart-Loyal-Deputy-Historical-ebook/dp/B08C32SJ27

The newly released book, “A Loving Heart For The Loyal Deputy”, is a romantic Western tale. It’s available to purchase on Amazon for Kindle and is the sixth book in the Bear Creek Brides series by Amelia Rose. She describes her latest work as a gripping tale of love and danger that asks the question: “Can you ever heal a broken heart?”

The book is set in Montana in 1893 and tells the story of a young woman named Bethany Duncan and an upstanding Deputy Sheriff called Tanner Williams. Their romantic tale begins when Tanner places an ad in the paper for a mail order bride.

Bethany responds to the ad and travels from her hometown in Tennessee to Montana to find love with the deputy and flee the control of her father. However, when she arrives, she finds a town in the throes of violence.

The danger that permeates through the town threatens the couple’s new romance. The deputy wants peace but is traumatized by his past which threatens to destroy his new relationship with his mail order bride. The couple seems to face obstacles at every turn and begin doubting the mail order bride system. Can they ever find happiness together or is life determined to get in the way?

Rose says her newest release features dramatic twists and has plenty of surprises in store for the reader. She says it is an exciting and captivating quest for love and happiness that asks if love is enough to secure happiness.

Amelia Rose is an acclaimed author of Western romance novels. She has authored many books and her previous works include “The Rescued Bride’s Savior”, “The Untangling Of Two Hearts”, “The Rancher’s Fiery Bride”, “Indian Bride For The Trusty Miner”, and other titles. Her new novel is the sixth book in the 12-book Bear Creek Bride series.

For more information about Amelia Rose and the release of her new book – A Loving Heart For The Loyal Deputy – visit https://www.amazon.com/Loving-Heart-Loyal-Deputy-Historical-ebook/dp/B08C32SJ27

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