Hiring Pre-qualified Software Engineers from Geektastic Starts Now

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Geektastic announced the availability of their new Hiring pre-qualified software engineers from Geektastic Service beginning Now. More information can be found at https://geektastic.com.

Customers looking for the latest code to hire pre-qualified software engineers will soon be able to get involved with Geektastic. Today Rick Brownlow, CEO at Geektastic releases details of the new service from Geektastic.

The Hiring pre-qualified software engineers from Geektastic Service is designed to appeal specifically to Employers and includes:

Technical Evaluation of Candidates – This feature was included to keep the development team focused on product rather than hiring. This is great news for the consumer as they will be able to hire directly from Geektastic’s network of pre-qualified software engineers.

Complete Flexibility – This was made part of the service, since Geektastic understand that no two companies are the same. Employers will be able to pick and choose which parts of the Geektastic platform they want to use.

Detailed Technical Evaluation – Geektastic made sure to make this part of the hiring service as the company firmly believe a human eye will always outperform a machine when it comes to detailed technical analysis of code. Customers from Geektastic will likely appreciate this because the company use their on-demand team of highly skilled engineers (ÜberGeeks) to evaluate the customer’s candidates’ challenge submissions. All of their engineers have been thoroughly evaluated and screened to ensure they maintain their market leading position of excellence when it comes to providing real human technical feedback.

Rick Brownlow, when asked about the Hiring pre-qualified software engineers from Geektastic Service said:

“It’s basic economics, the forces behind supply and demand drive price. The number of software engineering roles is increasing year on year and whilst there are more schools teaching coding, more online resources available, academies like General Assembly and more computer science courses at Universities, the demand is outstripping demand. This demand is driving salaries through the roof, which is great for the Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, .NET developers out there but for companies trying to scale their teams it’s a nightmare. At Geektastic we offer a solution and can help customers access a new, wider talent pool and offer Java Remote Jobs.”

More information on Java Remote Jobs can be found on the Geektastic website, https://geektastic.com/java-developer-remote-jobs

Those interested in learning more about Geektastic can do so on the website at https://geektastic.com

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