Hinged Knee Elbow Pad Cycling Protective Bike Equipment For Children Launched

Little Pro Biking Gear, an online store specializing in children’s cycling equipment, launched an updated range of protective gear for children aged 2-16. The new collection includes hinged and standard knee pads, elbow pads, helmets, jackets and more.

Little Pro Biking Gear For Kids, an online retailer providing a variety of cycling equipment, announced an updated collection of protective gear for children aged 2-16.

More information can be found at https://www.littlepro.co.uk.

Cycling is enjoying a tremendous popularity among enthusiasts of all ages, as it is both an ecologically-friendly way of transportation, a healthy pastime, and a unique opportunity to spend quality time with one’s family. To ensure that this experience does not result in any potentially serious injuries, protective equipment is crucial.

The challenge faced by many parents looking for knee and elbow pads, protective jackets and helmets for children is that there is a relative short supply of such items, with most stores typically only providing professional gear for adults. For parents of toddlers and very small children in particular, finding professional protective gear can be rather difficult.

Little Pro Biking Gear For Kids is an online store developed by Paul Ebrey in response to the constant undersupply of children’s cycling gear. As a parent of two, Mr. Ebrey was faced with this challenge himself. To help other parents in similar situation, he decided to create his own store, now the largest UK online provider of children’s cycling equipment, featuring constantly updated products and seasonal offers.

Little Pro has recently updated its range of protective gear for children aged 2-16, featuring professional knee and elbow pads, helmets and jackets. The hinged knee pads can be adjusted to fit children up to 13, are fully-padded for increased safety and comfort, and made from high-durability polypropylene. The elbow pads are similarly versatile, being easily adjustable for various users. Additional items include adjustable tabards, protective jackets and helmets.

The online store also provides various types of cycling clothing, including tight-fitting and baggy shorts, jersey and tops.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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