Himalayan Salt Lamp Brings Calmness Into the Home

Once again the Double Heart Shaped Himalayan Salt Lamp has been featured on Amazon.com

The word “home” means different things to different people. Hopefully most would think of home as a safe, calm place, a protection from the storms of life and the hustle of work. One way to create a calm environment is with the introduction of a Himalayan Salt Lamp to a bedroom, living room, or office.

Normal lighting and electronics have a harsh blue spectrum hue that can cause anxiety, sleeplessness, and affect circadian sleep rhythms. A soft, yellow light emitting from a Himalayan Salt Lamp is the best kind of light for relaxing before going to sleep. The particular hue of the light is also known to be a mood-enhancer. The lamp is fitted with a dimmer switch so the choice of a lower or higher light is available. The higher light setting can reduce stress and improve mood. Available on Amazon at http://usefulinnovation.com/himalayansaltlamp

Each Himalayan Salt Lamp is handcrafted from the crystal rock salt mined at the foot of the Himalayan Mountains. A small hole is cut into the bottom to allow for the light fixture to be fitted inside, and then a Neem wood base is attached. Color and texture varies from lamp to lamp, no two are exactly the same. The double heart shape makes for a lovely gift to a spouse, family member, or friend.

Another interesting fact about a Himalayan Salt Lamp is that when the light is on the higher settings, and the salt is slightly heated, negative ions are released into the room. These negative ions counteract the positive ions that emanate from electronic devices, and therefore neutralized the space. When heated, salt lamps attract the water vapor in the air that holds dust, mold, and bacteria. These particles attach to the lamp and then this naturally cleans the air.

While attractive and calming in appearance, Himalayan Salt Lamps may also have health benefits to consider. The double heart shaped salt lamp featured is an excellent addition to any room of the house. To gain best benefits from the lamp, a smaller room such as a bedroom, office, or sitting room would work best. Available on Amazon at http://usefulinnovation.com/himalayansaltlamp

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