Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp As Air Purifier Ionic And Organic For The Home

Himalayan pink salt lamp as air purifier ionic and organic for the home has been launched on Amazon

People these days are becoming increasingly worried about health issues related to air impurities and positively charged ions in the air, resulting from a myriad of electronic devices and smoke in the home. It is known that positively charged ions in the air allow air impurities to remain in the air and a positively charged environment does not energize people, but actually de-energizes them. However, negative ions in the air make people feel more energetic and cause impurities such as pollen or chemicals in the air to stick together or to surfaces, creating cleaner air. Cleaner air is of major importance to individuals with issues relating to lung, breathing or allergy problems. It is at least to some importance to everyone.

Himalayan salt lamps produce negative ions in the air by drawing water from the air and having it immediately evaporate back into the air with negative ions when it is warm or hot from the heat emitted from an electric light bulb. Some come with dimmer switches, and at lower light settings, put out less negative ions. Since the salt is also somewhat transparent, they also emit a fair amount of light. This is why they are “LAMPS”. Salt lamps are currently gaining in popularity and public awareness. They are not as aggressive as electronic negative ionizers and put less negatively charged ions into the air. They do not cause impurities in the air to stick to solid surfaces in the home to an overwhelming extent, which is the case with some electronic negative ionizers. Electronic negative ionizers can cause the table and wall near them to darken with dirt from the air over several months. Although not a really powerful ionizing unit, salt lamps do improve air quality and have a lot of esthetic characteristics.The lamps are about 6x8x4 inches and weighs 6 to 7 pounds, and come with a six-foot cord and dimmer switch More information available at http://www.usefulinnovation.com.

Internet studies show that many people are unaware that salt lamps exist and often misspell the word looking for salt lamps on Google. Popular spellings people type in are Hymalain salt lamps, Himalayas salt lamps, Hymilayian salt lamps, and Hymilian sea lamp. The correct spelling for search is Himalayan salt lamp. People commonly call them pink, orange salt lamps, mineral salt lamps, or crystal rock salt lamps. Himalayan rock salt occurs naturally in a variety of colors and may be white (the rarest), pink, amber, or light orange in color. The light coming from a salt lamp may also be altered by using colored light bulbs inside of them. Some come with dimmer switches so that the light intensity may be adjusted from bright to night light dimness. They get their colors from the minerals left over when the ancient seas that contained the salt evaporated. This created a wide range of colors and every Himalayan salt lamp varies in color and it’s ability to pass light through it. Since they are shaped by hand, every salt lamp has at least a slightly different shape. Pink salt lamps cover a wide range of forms. They can be rough looking chunks of rock salt with a light bulb mounted in a cylindrical shaft drilled in the bottom, or be artfully carved into organic or geometric shapes. Purchasers of salt lamps seem to be split between those preferring roughhewn natural rock shapes imparting an earthy organic impression, and those choosing geometric or sculptured artistic pieces. They all function the same, but fill a different niche in a home’s interior decoration. They tend to be organically friendly, made primarily of sacred Neem wood and rock salt. High quality crystal rock salt mined in the Himalayan mountains seems to be the most popular salt source, and the salt lamps emit a pleasant, medium, calming, amber glow.

Useful Innovation has now announced that its highly popular handcrafted Himalayan pink salt lamps releasing negatively charged ions to help clear allergens, dust, pollen or other impurities and naturally improve air quality for a sense of wellbeing while also producing a calming amber colored source of light, are now available on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/Himalayan-Romantic-Crystal-Purifier-Friendly/dp/B017QPJQ4W

Heart Shaped Himalayan Salt Lamps are interesting and unique, making an attractive conversation piece with an interesting story behind them. They also answer the question people frequently ask “what am I expected to give this person for their birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or special occasion that they did not expect, but would be pleased to receive”? Certainly, an attractively hand carved heart shaped Himalayan salt lamp, has won it’s inclusion in the sentimental gifts category, and is a creative gift giving idea. Available on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Himalayan-Romantic-Crystal-Purifier-Friendly/dp/B017QPJQ4W

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