Himalayan Heart Shaped Salt Lamps Are The New Popular Decorating Choice

Useful Innovation is now offering a well-crafted double heart shaped Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp sold on Amazon.com

Useful Innovation is now offering a well-crafted double heart shaped Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp. The artistic design was created to represent the romantic concept of two hearts beating as one, making it an excellent romantic or holiday gift item. Available on Amazon at http://usefulinnovation.com/himalayansaltlamp

It was not too many years ago that the average member of the public would say” Himalayan salt what”? What they are was not common knowledge and the concept sounded strange. Today, around the world, tens of thousands of these crystal rock salt lamps are sold every month. Himalayan rock salt lamps are made of rock salt mined in the Himalayan mountains. The blocks of salt are mined, cut to appropriate size, and then roughly chopped into a shape, precisely cut by machine into geometric shapes, or hand carved into artistic decorative pieces. The double heart shaped lamp offered by Useful Innovation falls into the last category. A round shaft is then drilled into the bottom of the salt block large enough to accept a light bulb holder and 10 watt bulb. Rock salt is semi- transparent, and a significant amount of light passes through the salt to illuminate the surrounding area. This is why it is a lamp. They are not fully transparent due to the presence of many minerals left in the salt as it formed during the Jurassic period as a land locked section of ocean dried up. These minerals give every piece of salt a different appearance and make every one unique. The minerals are highly visible when the salt lamp is turned on.

In addition to producing light and serving as an interesting piece of art, salt lamps are known to improve air quality by negatively charging the air in the vicinity around them. Negatively charged air makes people feel better and improves air quality by causing dust and pollutants to fall out of the air. The ionizing abilities of the lamps come about via a combination of factors including the hydroscopic nature of salt, the heat generated by the bulb which causes the attracted water to evaporate, and the ionic charge on water molecules leaving the salt. More information is at http://www.usefulinnovation.com/

The double heart shaped Himalayan salt lamp offered by Useful Innovation includes a hand crafted rock salt body mounted on a crafted natural Neem wood base, a six foot UL approved cord with dimmer switch with a 10 watt bulb, and an instruction manual which tells the customer how to use, clean, and care for the lamp. Available on Amazon today at http://usefulinnovation.com/himalayansaltlamp

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