Hillside NJ SEO Online Marketing Specialist Social Media Services Launched

New Jersey SEO has launched a new range of SEO and content focused marketing services aimed at improving online exposure for local businesses in Hillside, New Jersey and the surrounding areas.

New Jersey SEO, an internet and online marketing agency, has launched a new range of SEO and marketing strategies to help businesses increase their online exposure.

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The recently launched services utilize a variety of online marketing techniques, such as traditional SEO and content marketing.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, involves the structuring of a website to provide the most beneficial results/rankings from search engine queries. Considerations in SEO include understanding how search engine algorithms work, what people search for and the keywords used in those searches.

New Jersey SEO recognize the importance that SEO has for businesses in the current climate. In light of the recent pandemic, unprecedented numbers of people are turning to online channels to obtain the goods and services they require.

In addition to traditional SEO services, New Jersey SEO’s recently launched services include optimization for mobile searches. According to Google, mobile devices now generate more traffic than traditional PCs.

With smaller screens than traditional PCs, websites require specific structures to be viewable on smart-phones and tablets. Google now ranks mobile-friendly websites higher than those which have not been optimized for mobile devices.

New Jersey SEO’s new services also include promotion of a client’s business through a number of social media and news platforms. Publishing of content through mainstream news outlets, high traffic blogs, Slidehsare and YouTube are all additional methods of increasing a websites online footprint.

The results of such marketing campaigns include increased online visibility, increased website traffic and ultimately an increase in leads and potential customers.

New Jersey SEO was founded in 2011 by Orlando Gonzalez, and assists clients in the New Jersey area with website optimization and online marketing activities. More information can be found at: https://newjerseyseo.org

A satisfied client stated: “The best on the net. I have gotten at least 50 times the value from internet marketing. I would be lost without you. It’s really wonderful”

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