Hillsboro Oregon Heating Furnace Repair Maintenance Advice Campaign Launched

Right Now Heating and Cooling, in Hillsboro, Oregon has launched an informative series of posts on social media about issues surrounding furnaces. Interested parties can call (503)400-7445 for a quote.

Right Now Heating and Cooling Company in Hillsboro, Oregon Cooling has launched a social media campaign to answer questions about furnaces throughout the Washington County area. The campaign was launched in an effort to answer the many questions residents have been asking as cold weather descends and furnace problems become a priority.

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The launch of this campaign to answer questions about furnaces was prompted after the company found area residents were not aware of many important issues about their heating units including, thermostats, government requirements, and more. Right Now Residential Heating and Cooling Services has more than 22 years of expertise in the heating requirements of both homes and businesses. This effort is its attempt to prepare Washington County for the winter weather that is nearly here.

The professional team at this local Hillsboro owned and operated company can help residents with equipment replacement, designing a project, building it, and making use of the state-of-the-art energy-efficient equipment.

The team has moved to 24-Hour On-Call Services and is now just a call away from the furnace owners in and around Hillsboro. They specialize in residential replacement, residential new construction, preventative repairs, and maintenance. They are certified to work on most brands and charge a flat fee as opposed to an hourly rate. The company’s factory-trained company specialists are continuously getting educational instruction to make certain that they supply its clients with the very best service and expertise attainable.

The campaign to educate Hillsboro residents about their furnaces will involve an ongoing list of posts that will be available on Facebook and other social media outlets. The aim is to take the guesswork out of furnace work and equip the residents of Hillsboro with the knowledge to make wise decisions in regard to the care and choice of heating equipment.

Topics will include the annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) ratio, furnaces use of electricity to run fans and motors, furnace technology in the future, regulating temperatures and airflow, unfamiliar sounds and where they are coming from, variable speed furnaces, electrical efficiency, variable speed motors, zoning variable speed motors, and humidity controls.

Right Now Heating and Cooling provides customer service that is known throughout the area and the company believes this campaign is part of that equation. Michele, a recent customer shares, “Excellent service! Jack was efficient and friendly. He explained to me that my furnace was fine, but that the thermostat had been incorrectly wired. Jack expertly reinstalled the thermostat and correctly mounted it to the wall. I have used 2 different HVAC companies in the past 3 months for the same problem. This company will always be my go-to for service and repair.”

The company hopes the launch of this campaign provides the residents of Hillsboro the answers they are seeking in regards to their furnaces.

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