Hillcrest Normal Heights San Diego Dog Walking Pet Sitting Services Launched

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Play More Bark Less, a San Diego pet services company, announced updated individual and group dog walking and feline care services for clients in Hillcrest, Normal Heights, South Park, North Park and other San Diego areas.

Play More Bark Less, a San Diego company specializing in pet care, launched a full range of services for clients in Hillcrest, Normal Heights, Mission Hills and other San Diego areas. The company provides both individual and group dog walking sessions, as well as various other pet services.

More information can be found at http://playmorebarkless.com.

Dogs are active animals that need daily exercise to stay healthy. The most common forms of canine exercise are walking and playing, with many owners setting aside at least a few minutes each day for these activities. However, busy schedules or other time issues make it difficult for some dog owners to walk their dogs every day, and professional pet walking is perhaps the most viable alternative.

Play More Bark Less is a San Diego professional dog walking company serving various San Diego areas. The company has recently updated its services to offer both individual and group walking sessions and beach activities. The company also provides feline care services for cat owners.

Individual dog walking sessions are available in 30- and 60-minute walks, and they are carefully tailored to suit each pet. The company’s experts are professional and always strive to adhere to the latest dog walking best practices, making sure that the dogs are wearing the leash in all areas except off-leash zones, and keeping the pets hydrated at all times.

Group walking and pack hiking sessions are also available, allowing dogs to interact with other animals, thereby learning proper social behaviors. Group walk sessions are available as 30- and 60-minute walks. Two-hour pack hikes are also available.

The company also provides 1.5-hour beach playing services on the specially designed Fiesta Island.

Finally, Play More Bark Less offers feline services, a 30-minute session including play time, feeding and hydrating, brushing, litter box clean-up and more.

Interested clients can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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