Highly Acclaimed California Dog Trainer Offers Help Training “Untrainable Dogs”

Highly Acclaimed Northern California Dog Trainer Using Hypnosis Offers Help To Train Aggressive "Untrainable Dogs" Who Are Recommended To Be Euthanized by Experts From The University of California

University of California Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital experts recommend many dog owners euthanize their dogs because they are not trainable. Internationally recognized dog-hypnotist, David Baron, to celebrate his 20th year in business, will train any dog that behaviorists and veterinarians at any of the University of California Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospitals say cannot be trained and recommend the animal be euthanized—at no charge to the pets’ owners.

Almost 700,000 dogs were euthanized in 2016; mainly because only a few dog trainers nationwide are successful training aggressive dogs. Most of us would not consider euthanizing a very young, terminally ill human child; yet most dog owners would not apply the same standard to a dog. Perhaps, this is because many individuals think that human life is special in a way that nonhuman life is not. But, unless society can find some distinction that transcends their desire to prefer their own species to others, they run the risk of falling into specism – the discriminatory practice of making a special exception for one’s own species.

About David Baron:

David Baron is an internationally recognized dog-hypnotist who was trained in Europe by top dog trainers and hypnotists. Considered one of the top dog trainers in America, the most successful trainer for aggressive and behaviorally-changed dogs, and top ranked expert for training dogs for Off-Leash Obedience without Electronic Collars, David Baron is considered the foremost expert on using Hypnosis to train dogs and modify their behavior.

In business 20 years February 2018, David Baron is the most successful dog trainer in California and has trained dog trainers around the world. The son of a dog trainer, he previously owned Trucking and Airfreight companies, and the largest independent cross-country moving company in Los Angeles before pursuing his life’s passion revolutionizing the field of Dog Psychology, and the way people interact with and train dogs. David Baron’s website Superdog.com has won numerous awards and has the largest pictorial library and portfolio of trained dogs of any dog trainer in the world.

For more information: https://superdog.com/dog-training-method-using-hypnosis-2/

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