Highland Park Texas Mirrors Vanity Bathroom Wall With Custom Frames Store Opened

The new Highland Park, TX, interior design destination The Interior, available at (214) 366-0606, has added a variety of new mirrors and custom frames to its unique collection of home décor.

The Interior is offering a vast collection of mirrors with custom frames to anyone in Highland Park, TX, who needs something beautiful, functional and unique to enhance the look of their home or office.

More information is available https://theinteriordallas.com

The Interior is the award winning interior designer many in Highland Park turn to when they want to decorate their homes, put together a workspace they’re proud to showcase or get a beautiful, distinct piece of décor to finish a room.

The famous home décor company whose professionals have been supplying the community of Highland Park the very best in mirrors and custom frames for more than 15 years has now added some new options to its vast and original collection.

Among these are beautiful full height and vanity mirrors for the bedroom, unique and artsy framed mirrors for the living room, the hallway, the dining areas or the family rooms, and even great options for the bathroom.

They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles, including some classy, antique designs for a more vintage ambiance and transitional or contemporary ones for a more modern, current décor.

So every customer can get something truly personal and unique for their home or office, the mirrors can be easily coupled with a wide range of custom framing options like beveled edges or vintage finishes.

For homeowners who are looking for something else to put on their walls, tables or ceilings, the award winning interior designers also offer original artwork or oil paintings in a multitude of genres and lamps, chandeliers or silk floral arrangements.

All their pieces are sourced and handpicked by a team of professionals with more than 15 years of experience helping people turn their homes or offices into beautiful, stunning spaces that suit their personality and make the right statement.

To see the whole collection of mirrors The Interior has in stock, talk to their team of designers and check all the other custom furnishings, window treatments or décor they offer, clients can call 214-366-0606 or visit their website at the link provided above.

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