Highest Ever Quality Digital Music Format Now Available For Consumers

Over the past decade more than 400 music studios and concert halls around the world have installed Digital eXtreme Definition (DXD, 352.8 kHz/24 bit) equipment for editing and recording. Music lovers can now download a whole DXD album in about 1+ hour.

Promates Music Store offers a wide range of albums in the cutting edge Digital eXtreme Definition format

For many years, music lovers have had to put up with MP3/MP4 or AAC technology as the defacto music format of choice. While these offer a satisfactory music experience for many, nothing comes close to the new benchmark in audio quality; Digital eXtreme Definition (DXD).

The format was first created and developed in 2003 by Merging Technologies as an innovative alternative to modern music formats. Audio professionals recognized the limitations of existing technology.
Since 2004, most music albums recorded in the DXD format have been recorded and edited in DXD then converted to the Direct Stream Digital (DSD) format, before being released on Super Audio CD’s (SACD’s).

The effect of this new technology has been astounding within the upper echelons of the audio industry. So much so that there are over 400 music studios and concert halls around the world that have installed DXD quality editing and recording equipment.

The reason for this is simple; most audio professionals recognise that DXD is the premiere sound format, especially for classical music, but for many other forms of music too.

Further proof of the high quality of DXD technology on SACD’s comes from the fact that over the past decade, many albums that have been recorded using this new technology have been awarded Grammy’s and many other top industry awards for the best sound.

Since 2004, a strong catalogue of the highest quality music has been built up using DXD technology. The Promates Music Store is a website that offers the finest choice of top quality albums available in this new format.

Not only does Promates stock a large number of high quality DXD recorded albums, but the site also offers clear, simple advice about which hardware or software is required to listen to these albums in the crystal clear clarity they were recorded.
As such, Promates have recommended the TEAC UD-501 Converter as the ideal option for its users, as well as a free to download TEACH HR Audio Player, which is also available on the site.

Of course, such high quality sound recordings mean much larger file sizes and MD of Promates Peter Scheelke explained how modern technology is allowing Promates to offer this industry-grade standard to consumers for the first time.

“A typical DXD album is much larger than a standard MP3 or AAC album,” explains Peter.

“A DXD album is typically around 5 Gigabytes of data, which made it impractical to try and fit on a typical CD, or even to make available for download.

“However, with vastly improved Internet technology and a reliable internet connection, it is now possible to download these albums in entirety in about 1+ hour.”

“Furthermore, with improving technology, it will not take many years before these albums can be downloaded within just a few minutes.”

Via its new website, Promates is offering a top quality line of DXD quality downloads direct to customers for the first time from some of the leading recording companies.

Managing director of OUR Recordings, Lars Hannibal stated “We are absolutely thrilled that a new era of customers will now be able to listen to some of our collection of albums in the highest possible audio quality. The new DXD format offers a new standard in the evolution of recorded sound. While previously only available for the fortunate few, the fact that we can offer our range of albums through Promates at great value for listeners to enjoy will transform how many will enjoy music.
“No longer will people have to put up with inferior quality sound; DXD quality will enrich the users experience far more than they imagine with the subtle nuances of sound, inaudible at slower sample rates, now audible for the first time.

In addition to stocking a wide range of DXD-recorded albums from Dacapo and OUR Recordings, Promates HD Music Store are also seeking more recording labels who want to take advantage of this outstanding new medium.

“We’re excited to bring this new technology to our customers and we hope they will experience this music reproduced as perfectly as the day it was first played,” stated Mr Scheelke.

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