High Ticket Items Online Sales Training Freelance Marketing Challenge Launched

Dave Sharpe, a leader in marketing has launched a 15-Day Challenge for those interested who want to develop an online income. He teaches people to sell high ticket items for large commissions.

A digital marketing program has been launched by Dave Sharpe, a leader in online marketing. The 15-Day Challenge was created to equip individuals with the necessary tools to develop an online income. The Challenge is based on the premise that selling high ticket items that pay a generous commission gives the beginning marketer the best chance of online success.

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This 15 Day Challenge was launched to provide individuals interested in developing an online income a viable step-by-step blueprint they can follow from their homes’ safety and comfort. Beginners are taught to find and market large ticket items and services and start making online incomes that can be life-changing.

This project gives participants the tools they need to find high ticket items, establish a relationship with vendors, and evolve into a seasoned freelance digital marketer.

A freelance digital marketer works in the same way a freelance photographer or writer operates. They get to pick and choose where and when they work and for how much. This level of freedom makes this position attractive to many of those who have been displaced in the recent economic downturn due to the pandemic.

Anyone willing to follow the blueprint that comes with this challenge can develop the skill set to be a digital marketer who commands the type of income that can exponentially grow over time and sustain a comfortable lifestyle into the foreseeable future.

Dave recommends beginner digital marketers sell the goods and services that others own because it can be too stressful and demanding to develop one’s own products at the beginning of a digital marketing career.

The 15 Day Challenge, also known as the Online Business Builder Challenge, gives participants an exact formula for growing their own freelance digital marketing business. This business plan does not include bookkeeping, inventory, rent, upkeep, equipment, and many other aspects that can hinder growth.

Participants enjoy a private one-on-one consultation with one of the companies full-time business plan advisors that help clarify and implement a customized business plan designed especially for them.

The launch of this 15-Day Challenge allows ordinary people to achieve extraordinary success by adopting a reasonable approach of selling high-ticket items for large commissions.

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