High School Juniors Can Master College Applications In The Age Of COVID-19

Mackler Associates has a new guide that will answer the key questions of high school juniors. It gives critical information on the changing landscape of applying to college.

St. Louis, Missouri – April 6, 2020 – COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, has upended daily lives in countless ways. There are stay-at-home orders and general lockdown. Many businesses have temporarily closed under government decree. Schools have moved online to try and finish the semester. There is worry about getting infected or spreading the virus to friends or family. No one has lived through such a disruptive and surreal time.

Mackler Associates would like to address all the emotions, anxieties, questions and concerns high school juniors have at this moment. Tens of thousands of students have been preparing so diligently for the college application process and now wonder what will happen to this process because of COVID-19. Mackler is offering a free Guide for juniors navigating the college application process in light of the coronavirus.

Before the most frequently asked questions, Mackler wants to stress the most important step for all high school juniors at this point: TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! The health and safety of our youth, and those of family and friends, matters most right now. Certainly teenagers feel a bit invincible and really miss hanging out with friends. Everyone gets it – everyone misses freedom of movement too, and seeing live music and movies. But COVID-19 is highly contagious and life-threatening for older people and those with chronic health conditions. While teenagers have been asymptomatic or experiencing what feels like a normal bug, teenagers can easily spread the virus to family members who could get seriously ill or even die. No one wants that to happen. So, it is recommended everyone follow the CDC guidelines and stop the spread of the virus. Not only will it keep teenagers healthy and those they love, it will bring this lockdown to an end much faster.

It is quite likely that this coming year of college applications will be one of the most chaotic and troublesome ever seen. The process will be far from uniform across campuses. It will be harder to fairly evaluate all students because of a potential lack of important data. This is not said to freak anyone out, but rather to give teenagers a reality check, a good lay of the land. Mackler can explain how to maximize chances in the chaos.

Mackler Associates can answer the most common questions heard from high school juniors who wonder what to do and what will happen with respect to the college application process. Because much remains unknown given the uncertainty as to this national quarantine, please check back often to www.mackleradvantage.comage.com/ for the latest updates. And please remember – this too shall pass. Lives will return to normal eventually – sooner if everyone works together.

The college application process is stressful and confusing in the best of times; during the COVID-19 outbreak, it is more anxiety-producing than ever. It will be harder for juniors to work the application process than in years past. They will need to understand how the changes in life will impact chances of admission. A more subjective process makes getting into a college of choice even harder. One can take some of the subjectivity out of it by building grades whenever possible, even toughening a schedule for fall. Students can take more standardized tests rather than risk no test data at all. Do research now while there is ample time. And start thinking about good essay topics, again while time is abundant.

Mackler hopes juniors find these tips to be helpful. Please know that Mackler Associates has been delivering high quality assistance in all aspects of the college application process for four decades, and is ready with individualized programs of test preparation, academic tutoring and college mentoring in these uncertain times.

The world will get back to normal, and when it does, students in every grade want to be ready to maximize their chances of getting into a dream college.

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