High school in Longmont, CO announces Wizard Of Oz Musical April 11th-13th

Longmont High School musical, "Wizard of Oz" premieres this weekend at Longmont Charter School, Twin Peaks Academy, Ticket times listed on the calendar on the school's website.

Longmont, Colorado- Local Charter School in Longmont, Twin Peaks Academy has announced their High School musical is The Wizard Of Oz.

The musical which is premiering this weekend, is based on the 1939 film which was adapted from the book of a similar name, ‘The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz’, which was written in 1900.

The Longmont High School is very excited to premier the musical which their students have been working extremely hard on over the past few months.

Twin Peaks Academy is the premier charter school located in Longmont Colorado, a representative had this to say about the popular charter school, “We are a public, school of choice in Longmont and belong to the St. Vrain Valley School District which is located in Longmont Colorado. We are governed by engaged parents, and are actually the longest operating charter school in the St. Vrain Valley School District.”

The High School and Elementary School in Longmont says they are the only classical school in the district, which means they offer a unique alternative for families looking for a different type of education.

A Classical education is based on the timeless values of acquiring foundational skills and knowledge in a teacher-led classroom that lay the foundation for advanced study. The business says the heart of a Classical school is a comprehensive Latin mastery program, beginning in kindergarten through middle school.

The representatives from Twin Peaks Charter Academy explain “A Classical school explicitly teaches Character and values through the study of works of literature and Core Knowledge provides elementary and middle school’s foundational curriculum that supports the school’s ideals. The School adds, they are the only K-12 school in the district, including a preschool for 3 through 5 year-old students creating a special sense of community.

The concept of Classical Education is gaining in popularity, however, Twin Peaks Charter Academy is happy to be the only Longmont High School offering the Classical Education Program in the school district. Parents interested in learning more about the High School in Longmont are encouraged to contact Twin Peaks Charter Academy at 303.772.7286 or stop by the Academy during one of their open house events at 340 S Sunset St, Longmont, CO 80501 http://twinpeakscharter.org/

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