High Proxies Dedicated Proxy IP Security New Packages Store Launched

Proxy Discount has launched its updated online store to offer a range of packages for use with High Proxies. They are a leader in the dedicated proxies field and pride themselves on high quality service.

Proxy Discount has launched its updated online store with a new range of packages for use on the High Proxies website. High Proxies is a leader in the dedicated proxy space and offers premium proxies at affordable prices.

More information can be found at: https://proxydiscount.com/store/highproxies-coupon-codes

The team at High Proxies provides proxies hosted on super-fast 1Gbps, XEON servers with 16GB RAM. These also come with unlimited bandwidth and are ideal for anonymity.

One of the main benefits of shopping with High Proxies is that they come with 99% guaranteed uptime. That means customers can shop safe in the knowledge they’re getting a great deal. A variety of options are now available through the Proxy Discount website. These include coupons for 15% off on a recurring basis, allowing with 20% one-time discounts.

Discounts are dependent on what proxies the customer is buying, and what season it is. They get to apply these coupons when they make their purchase by entering the code during the buying process. High Proxies offers proxies individually or in groups, with prices to suit all budgets. Their focus is on providing a high quality service with an emphasis on user privacy.

They state: “Security and confidentiality is an essential element of online or cyberspace. If you are not safe to post your data, then it’s not worth it. High Proxies is a service provider that aims to provide secure, fast, and reliable private proxies for your data transmission.”

Dedicated proxies are beneficial for customers who enjoy playing video games. Customers can run their PlayStation 4 or Xbox One through the dedicated proxy to enjoy a variety of benefits.

Dedicated Proxies are also advantageous for video chatting and instant messaging, improving internet speed, securing an IP address and improving anonymity when browsing. With the new coupon codes on offer from Proxy Discount, more customers can make great savings when shopping for their next proxy.

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